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Hi Graeham! You are my favorite musician and lyricist in the world, nobody can compose the lyrics and lyrical arrangements that you can! My all-time favorite album is "No Reins" from Little River Band. I would dearly love to see you in concert, and meet you, here in the USA. Do you think you will ever do a concert in the USA again or at least be here for some kind of event where I could possibly see you? It's just that the very first time I saw Little River Band in concert (in St. Louis) was in June of 1990 and you had just left the band. I certainly missed you as you are the reason why I loved Little River Band! Actually, if you are never going to be here, then I will make arrangements to travel to Australia to catch you at an event... By the way, a very Happy Belated Birthday to you! The very warmest of wishes to you always! I wish you continued success! Thank you very much!

- Bill Neislar, St Louis, Missouri USA, May 18th 2008

Graeham, I hope that you the one that reads these, But I wanted to let you know that next to the Eagles you and Little River Band were and still are my favorite bands. The harmonies you guys do are some of the best in the business (then and now). glad to see that you guys are still kicking it. Thanks for all the great music.

- Jeff Downey, , May 10th 2008

Hi Graeham I have always loved your tunes and LRB since I got out of "classical" music school as a kid, (15YO) Your tunes made me soar. They also got me into pop/radio. You guys captured magic on tape, and I knew it! And to capture magic on tape has been the bar for me since then.

- Jake Hill, San Antonio, Texas USA, May 9th 2008

Graeham, Our family just saw LRB at Sunfest in Palm Beach Florida. Not the same without you in the band! (But still your songs are killer!) It seems "odd" that they can carry on the band as LRB without any of the founding members in it anymore!??? I think that LRB and yourself are the most underrated band/songwriter in the history of rock. "Someone's Taken Our History" - Never forget, you're the real artist here. Although I can only empathize with you, in a strange way, you should be flattered by them carrying on your songs. No, they do not have your DNA, but if it's any consolation at all, your music still makes people happy and they get up and dance and sing..even if it is a "fraudulent"'s still your music and it lives on. Someone's taken our history Someone's taken our songs for free We wrote the words and the melody Now someone else sings our harmony BUT NOT LIKE YOU GUYS DID!!! BEST HARMONIES EVER!!!! "Hang in there, Mate!"

- Brian Hinton, Florida USA, May 8th 2008

Hi Graeham ! Your new CD is magnificent ! What a talent you are . regards

- Dave Ulbrick, Melbourne, Australia, April 24th 2008

G'day Graeham, Must say, love your work. I know it's a cliché but very true. Back in '72 I'd just got back from SE Asia and was in the RAAF. I'd just read a paperback, "Chariots of the Gods" and then I heard your "Kings of the World". No connection between the two, but I found your song and lyrics so fascinating and haunting. The words have stayed with me all these years. Thank you very much for so much listening pleasure over the years. Cheers

- Bill Halliwell, Geilston Bay, Tasmania, Australia, April 10th 2008

Dear Graeham, I am Bandleader from the Electric Light Orchestra Tribute Band - The Magic Orchestra. I love your music for many years. One CD is unfortunately missing in my collection. Graeham Goble - The New Nautilus, I need the song Restless Heart, sung by Steve Wade. When your new CD "Let It Rain" is out, I will immediately order! I wish you heartfelt thanks for the inspiration. Everything I know about harmony singing, I have learned through your music. Cordial greetings

- Heinz Schaudin, Germany, April 8th 2008

Hi Graeham, This is Christian from Germany Bavaria. I`m a singer Songwriher and Guitarplayer too. I think I`m one of your greatest fan. You are the best Songwrither I know you was the spirit of LRB I found the best Band line up was You, Beeb, Wayne, Stephen Housden, Derek and Glenn. We miss this Band, please come back this year with BSG, they are a very great band too. My greatest wish is to play and work with you and the Band. My best wish is for You, Beeb and Glenn Greetings

- Christian, Germany, March 27th 2008

Gday Mate, Just listened to "Someone stole our history" and OMFG the lyrics couldn't be more true. I am so sick of artists stealing/borrowing other artists creations, my father always told me that a true musician never uses anyone's material unless they are doing a tribute to them. I have been telling ppl about your myspace and am in the process of speaking to our local DJ to get you some promo's. Talk to you soon. Take care and stay safe Luv Dawn (mad fairy from Mandurah)

- Dawn Greenwood, Mandurah Western Australia, March 14th 2008

Dear Mr Goble I had to write a quick but very heartfelt email for not only the great CD you sent (The New Nautilus), but for the very nice signed letter accompanying it. I know my wife and I are just a couple of your millions of fans over the years, but we like to think of ourselves as a couple with a "special" bond with Little River Band, especially. With our great love of the band and your songs, it was 25+ years ago at a LRB concert at an old supper/entertainment club in Minneapolis Minnesota USA that during our favorite music I proposed to my then girl-friend, who couldn't help but say yes to your beautiful music! My wife and I continue to follow all the careers of that great band. We are also enjoying "Full Circle" & "The Days Ahead" & look forward to your next project. You guys are not only great, great musicians but great, great people! When I think of great, great music with everything from song writing to vocals, arranging etc we think of Beatles, Bee Gees, Eagles and Little River Band! Sorry to carry on, but had to send a big thanks that I hope you receive. We only hope you've had a fraction of the pleasure writing and playing as we have had listening & listening over the years!! Your big fans

- Jerry & Judy Fladeland, Minnesota USA, March 14th 2008

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