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Graeham, This is the first time I have ever written to anyone regarding music or responded to a website. I am 45 years old and I still consider Little River Band to be the best group of all time. I found myself singing Reminiscing one day and decided to type the song into U-Tube and eventually found your website. I am amazed at the number of songs you have written over the years. When I was younger I said that I would never say this, " the content of most of the music being put out today is &%$&". Thank you for all the great songs and i will buy a few of your CDs. Hope you and your family are doing well. God bless... Best regards,

- Andy Smith, North Carolina, USA, July 17th 2008

Dear Graham! It is very glad, that on your site, now it is possible to see your old and new works! Thanks, for the huge contribution to music! Health and long years of a life!!

- Sergey, Russia, July 15th 2008

Graeham, I love your music clips. Why are all musicians, songwriters, singers, so gorgeous? I am a LRB fan and we all know who they are, certainly not the generic band. They have not changed their show for 20 years. It must be nice that the real LRB has furnished them a living for over 20 years, with no pay to the founders. I have a hard time talking about them as I'm very predigest about that. I have had "full circle" on my dvd for about a year, I never take your CD off my stereo, my daughter thinks I'm stuck but I love where I'm stuck. I do like John Farnham, his voice was meant to sing love songs, I wish I could help some way but I can't, other than calling the radio stations and reguesting more LRB plays. God Bless your wonderful talent. I hope your sons carry on your music. GOD BLESS YOUR MUSIC, KEEP IT COMING. THANKS

- Patti Homan, Twin Falls, Idaho, July 11th 2008

Hi Graeham, It was great meeting you the other day when you appeared on my radio program. I loved presenting some of your older stuff and also, for the first time on our station, songs from your very excellent new album "Let It Rain" We salute you as one of the true Kings of the World! All the best

- Neil Butler, Melbourne, Australia, July 9th 2008

Hello Graeham from Cologne, The 'Let It Rain' CD arrived yesterday. Really great music again you composed. I already loved 'The Days Ahead' CD very much, this one and 'Let It Rain' are your best ones so far. To be honest, I did hear of J.W. von Goethe's 'Fairy Tale of the Green Snake And The Beautiful Lily' so far. I've to look for it now. You must have been in Cologne long time ago, on tour with the LRB as support of the Hollies. I didn't visit the concert (great fault) but a student colleague that time did and first told me about LRB and gave me an LP of LRB. From that time on I loved the music of LRB and started collecting the music. Kind regards and keep on doing your fine music.

- Gerd Obermann, Cologne, Germany, July 4th 2008

Hi Graeham, I bought your "days ahead" cd recently... in a word. It's addictive. I will be adding more of your solo work to my collection. My wife and I went to see BSG at the Forum in 2003. We still talk about that concert. what a rush!!! Loved every minute of it!!!!

- Steve Hosa, Australia, June 19th 2008

Hi Graeham! I received your new CD in the mail on Friday, thank you very much! I have to say that it is just absolutely fantastic, "Initiation Suite" is remarkable! I've never heard anything like it in rock music or any related genres! I love anything that is as unique as this piece of music is! Good Luck with the new album and all of your future endeavors!

- Bill Neislar, Chesterfield, Missouri, USA, June 9th 2008

Graeham, your new cd arrived yesterday, thank you so much, it is fantastic, just like all your other music. I saw you the first time when you performed at the El Mocambo in Toronto with the original Little River Band. There were 12 of us who became fans for life that night. Please talk your agent into coming to North America with Beeb and Glenn. The fans would rather have the real deal. Thanks again for proving us right on that night in Toronto all those years ago.

- Peter Hodgson, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, June 5th 2008

Hi Graeham, I would just like to say, I have enjoyed your music from Little River Band (all the albums) and your new tunes are so rich. I would like to thank you for your wonderful music. I was just listening to your new CD sample and will be ordering soon. Also, the live "Full Circle" DVD from a few years ago just blows me away and anybody that I show the video to. An Old Fan from New Hampshire

- Phil Mayrand, New Hampshire, USA, June 2nd 2008

Wow Graeham, Just received your latest cd, it is absolutely fantastic! it's your best music yet (not to say that I love all your music, it's all great) but "Let It Rain" is incredible. I can't stop playing it. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with all your fans! Cheers

- Mark Kaiser, Whitby, Ontario, Canada, May 28th 2008

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