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Dear Graeham, I am a 41-year old guy from America who has been a huge fan of yours since I was a kid. I started writing songs at age nine, and you were a huge influence on me. Thank you for the impact you had on my life. The iTunes remasters sound fantastic! I am glad they included the Farnham era albums, which I believe always got short-changed, at least in the U.S. I've thought about that a lot over the years, and I believe one factor is because LRB were unfairly tagged a "soft-rock" band, and for that reason 'Playing to Win' and 'No Reins' were overlooked. I am always telling my friends that LRB was a rock band in the tradition of the Beatles, wherein you can listen to an album and just never know what to expect. Variety is what you'll hear. A hard-rocking song followed by a love song followed by a progressive number. But I'm glad the two albums I mentioned were part of the deal, as Playing to Win is the album my wife and I fell in love to. "Blind Eyes" is one of our favorite songs and "When Cathedral Were White" is my favorite headphone song of all time, and now it's even better! Bach would approve! I have purchased your solo albums, and love them. I especially love "Someone's Stolen Our History." Great, great song.

- Mike Dickerson, USA, December 11th 2010

WOW. I was just reading your bio and I had no idea you wrote "Please Don't Ask Me". The live version by Farnham is one of my all time favourite Australian songs - I still get shivers down the spine when I listen to it. I am blown away.

- Greg Adermann, Milton, Queensland, Australia, December 11th 2010

Hello Graeham... 'The Days Ahead' and 'Let It Rain' are world much so that I've directed Radio 2CH here in Sydney to look at including selections on their play list. You know Graeham I'm 62 years of age and cannot believe we've not cottoned onto the very impressive music catalogue you've built up.

- Bill Gunning, Dural, NSW, Australia, December 6th 2010

I love your songs. I am a guitarist from Norway and I write songs too. Your sense of melody is fantastic and it inspire me to make my Les Paul guitar singing really sweet. Thanks

- Olav Utgard, Norway, November 21st 2010

Hello Graeham, I purchased my first CD of yours a year back. The title was 'The Days Ahead' and it's a classic. It is a fine effort worthy of the world stage, yes I mean it; the words and music are well constructed and very fitting for the human condition

- Bill Gunning, Sydney, NSW, Australia, November 14th 2010

Dear Graeham -- We have always enjoyed your music and your work, especially since we've long been LRB fans, and because we've always appreciated great songwriting! We remember seeing LRB at the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans, and, later, on the Riverboat President, also in New Orleans, for the 'Playing To Win' tour. One of the hottest shows ever! You guys were in top form that night! We noticed your name is spelled 'Graeham' here, and throughout most of your career, was billed or spelled "Graham". Is this for professional reasons? We wish you continued success, now and always!

- Rik & Mik English, Kansas City, MO, USA, October 26th 2010

You are truly the King of Australian Popular Composition

- Paul Pisani, Perth, Western Australia, October 16th 2010

I have always been very impressed with your very high quality music. I have heard over 6,000 albums and your music is still some of the best and my favourite. It saddens me that it is impossible to have your CDs available in every music shop; yes! a collector's dream. I only have 'LRB' and 'Mississippi' and your 4 solo CDs. I hope you get the stardom and attention your music needs in this World. I believe your music is outstanding, never tiring, just top quality. Yes, I would say you are in the top 3 Internationally in the last 40 years. Please let me know of your concerts, I have not seen you for so long Regards Arthur Geitenbeek (Music Lover)

- Arthur Geitenbeek, Australia, October 1st 2010

Hi Graeham, I just received a copy of your "Broken Voices" album. I've always known what a brilliant album it is since I was in Readings records back in '91 and they were playing it while I sifted through the records. I had to ask them what this unbelievably great album was and they told me that it was an album by yourself and others and were selling it as a promotional album out of a cardboard box near the door of the store. I'd always been a vinyl man but this sold me, it was one of the first CD's I had bought. My whole family love it to this day so when I came across your website I knew I had to buy a proper release copy which I will give to my eldest daughter as I know she loves it just as much as I. Thank you for the great music you have given us all. Kind regards, Steve

- Steve & Wendy Mack, Whittlesea, Victoria, Australia, September 30th 2010

Graeham, I am a Big fan of yours and LRB. The real LRB not the band who stole the name from you, Beeb and Glenn. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of the BSG concert on DVD and the CD. Unbelievable, fantastic and I could go on and on. The band you put together was incredible! The DVD and CD were only available here in the U.S. for a very short time. I was also lucky enough to see you, Beeb and Glenn in concert twice in the early 1980s. I was also lucky to see you and Glenn several times after Beeb left the band. My favourite song of yours is 'Face in the Crowd', actually I like all of your music. It's a shame that the three of you and that awesome band you put together for the BSG DVD concert are not able to go on tour here. I've lost all respect for that Steve Housden guy. It amazing to how they stole your DNA, on YouTube; it too is an awesome song! Thank you so much for all the memories! I know it is unlikely, but I do hold out hope for a BSG tour here in the U.S. with that awesome band! In the meantime I have my DVD and your entries on your web sight and a "big Thank You" for that. All the Best

- Brit Knowles, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, September 29th 2010

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