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Hello Graeham, I want you to know how much I have appreciated your music over the years and still today. I find it reassuring, inspiring, personal, and spiritual. I can't pretend to know what you have intended, but as art is, I know how your work has touched me. You have had an impact on my life through your work and I thank you for it. Thank you for your body of work. You are a good man to have done what you do. Hope you are well. Godspeed.

- Jeffrey Skaret, Minnetonka, MN USA, April 9th 2011

Graeham - love your mighty, mighty songwriting pen. I can't begin to tell you the esteem I hold your work in. Your composition and arrangements are like a 'how-to' clinic in pop song-craft.

- Alan Barnes, Chincoteague, Virginia, USA, April 1st 2011

Hello Graeham, I think it's time for your next solo CD!

- Matthias Stey, Germany, March 30th 2011

Hi Graeham, I have always enjoyed the music of the LRB for many years and the various spin off projects. I saw the LRB in 1982 at Hammersmith Odeon, London (still my favourite gig of all time) which was the last time the LRB or any of it's members played the U.K. Would there be any chance of you playing the U.K again? Best wishes,

- Kim Roberts, United Kindom, March 26th 2011

Hello Graeham! Thank you for all the nice songs you have written. I have most of the albums with LRB and all your own CDs except for the latest one! I often look for you are doing...tour and so the very nice dvd with Birtles-Shorrock & Goble and want you to come and play in Sweden so I finally can see you live!! Please write more songs for us who loves your songs!

- Kjell Malmborg, Alingsas-Sweden, February 5th 2011

Hello Graham, Thank you for all your good music. I have been a big fan of Little River Band since i heard you on Danish television, a late night in 1983 from a concert in Germany; the very best concert I have seen in many years. all the best

- Allan Lyhne, Denmark, January 19th 2011

Hi Graeham, Just want to say that 'Kings Of The World' is a beautiful song, perhaps my favourite Australian song ever written. I hope one day I will be able to read about the inspirations for your writing and music in your biography. Thank you for all of your work over the years.

- Nick Molloy, Australia, January 4th 2011

Dear Graeham, I am a 41-year old guy from America who has been a huge fan of yours since I was a kid. I started writing songs at age nine, and you were a huge influence on me. Thank you for the impact you had on my life. The iTunes remasters sound fantastic! I am glad they included the Farnham era albums, which I believe always got short-changed, at least in the U.S. I've thought about that a lot over the years, and I believe one factor is because LRB were unfairly tagged a "soft-rock" band, and for that reason 'Playing to Win' and 'No Reins' were overlooked. I am always telling my friends that LRB was a rock band in the tradition of the Beatles, wherein you can listen to an album and just never know what to expect. Variety is what you'll hear. A hard-rocking song followed by a love song followed by a progressive number. But I'm glad the two albums I mentioned were part of the deal, as Playing to Win is the album my wife and I fell in love to. "Blind Eyes" is one of our favorite songs and "When Cathedral Were White" is my favorite headphone song of all time, and now it's even better! Bach would approve! I have purchased your solo albums, and love them. I especially love "Someone's Stolen Our History." Great, great song.

- Mike Dickerson, USA, December 11th 2010

WOW. I was just reading your bio and I had no idea you wrote "Please Don't Ask Me". The live version by Farnham is one of my all time favourite Australian songs - I still get shivers down the spine when I listen to it. I am blown away.

- Greg Adermann, Milton, Queensland, Australia, December 11th 2010

Hello Graeham... 'The Days Ahead' and 'Let It Rain' are world much so that I've directed Radio 2CH here in Sydney to look at including selections on their play list. You know Graeham I'm 62 years of age and cannot believe we've not cottoned onto the very impressive music catalogue you've built up.

- Bill Gunning, Dural, NSW, Australia, December 6th 2010

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