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Facebook Post: Hi Graeham, Just received your CD's (Stop & Nautilus) in the mail a short time ago today. Absolutely Brilliant!!! It's been a long time since I actually loved every song on an Album. I stand by my words. You are an Australian Songwriting Icon. You inspire me!! Don't ever stop!!

- Lui Fontanarosa, Adelaide, South Australia, November 21st 2012

I am writing to let you know that my favourite song from your Mississippi Music Group is the 'Kings Of The World' and I do love it very much. I remember the 'Kings Of The World' song since I was a kid from the early 1970s on the radio when I was living in Queensland at that time

- Gary John Lorenz,, October 19th 2012

Facebook Post: Graeham has written some of the most iconic songs of our generation. What a genius!

- Allan Clarke, Centerville, Ohio, USA, September 30th 2012

My High School years and 80's would have been lost without my favorite songs from you! 1979 Grad Thank You Graeham!

- Jesse Lopez, , September 25th 2012

Hi, I've always liked LRB, my favorite tune being 'Take it Easy On Me'. Anyone who lists one of his influences as BREAD is a friend of mine! I knew James (Jimmy) Griffin and Mike Botts and their music and harmonies (Jimmy with David Gates) is so outstanding. I last saw you on YouTube in a concert with Glenn Shorrock and Beeb Birtles, it was great

- JD Sims, USA, August 3rd 2012

Dear Graeham, I'm just watching the BSG Full Circle DVD, Forum Theatre, 2003, as I type this. Nearly worn it out. I constantly search for early LRB albums and have found and bought many. Love your music!

- Jeff Cox, Melbourne, Ausralia, July 28th 2012

Dear Graeham, 'It's a Long Way There' is a wonderful composition. Thank you for writing one of my childhood's classics

- Mike Versteeg, Netherlands, July 27th 2012

No long message here; just a huge THANK YOU for years of smiles every time I hear one of your contributions to the world of music

- James Ray, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, July 23rd 2012

You Tube comment on 'Little River Band Medley' - Birtles Shorrock Goble (Countdown Spectacular 2) (2007): A Master's class in vocals and harmonies

- F.C. Flatlander, , July 18th 2012

You Tube comment on 'Mistress of Mine': Well, this song is just incredible, thank you for enriching our lives with it. I have a terrible voice yet I won a Karaoke contest two years ago singing this. I'm a retired Navy Master Chief who has travelled the world times over and I always think of this song when I meet women who seem to have that beautiful, yet mysterious way about them...

- M.G. Williams, USA, July 15th 2012

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