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Thanks Graeham, because after all this time, as your 'Kings Of The World' was on the first album I ever bought, so nice to read and watch performance at Sunbury. Many thanks

- Paul Schuback, Abbotsford, November 20th 2014

I love 'Life Love Song'. Each album you bring out has a special uniqueness.

- John Pinkevitch, Newcastle, NSW, South Australia, November 17th 2014

I just purchased your new album. I just want to tell you that you are a musical genius and I appreciate your talents making my world a better place. Thanks!

- Nancy Bettis, USA, November 6th 2014

When I was a young man I fell in love with your 'Mississippi' debut album. It still captures my best musical memories. I listened to your music so much, my Mom fell in love with it as well. I am so thrilled to find you and your album! I look forward to hearing your new music. I'm so pleased you went on to have such great success. At 18 I recognised your great talent!

- Doug Wight, Australia, November 6th 2014

Hello Graeham! I was wondering if you know where I can get a copy of the HBO concert that was performed by Little River Band in 1983. That concert was perfection...there was never before and never will be again a concert performed like that. Thank you so much!

- Nancy Bettis, USA, November 3rd 2014

I heard the excerpts from 'Life Love Song' and they sound excellent as always, your son Nathan plays great bass! Your songs will never date, they will always remain timeless to my ears. Many regards

- Nigel Walters, Adelaide, South Australia, October 25th 2014

Dear Graeham, We just download your new album 'Life Love Song'. It is great, so are you..... wonderful voice we love it. All the best from The Netherlands with love and respect

- Thomas and Janny de Kievit, The Netherlands, October 5th 2014

Facebook Post: I've listened to the new album 'Life Love Song' about 5-6 times now and I love it. I think my favorite song is 'When? Why?' and at least seven of the other tracks are standouts. This is without question my favourite Graeham Goble solo album. Thank you for a terrific album!

- Ray Blackburn, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, October 2nd 2014

Dear Mr Goble, Where can I purchase 'The Last Romance'? We were missionaries in Irian Jaya (now Papua), Indonesia, back in the 70s and 80s and one of our 'missionary kids' played 'The Last Romance' for me. I was smitten, especially with 'He Gives Us All His Love' - moved me to tears.

- Lawrence McAllister, Vancouver, BC, Canada, October 1st 2014

Graeham, The parcel arrived a couple of days ago. I'm loving 'Life Love Song'. I think that it's the best of the three albums you've recorded as a solo artist. Strong songs, I think that your vocals have developed. All the best

- David Eade, Yorkshire, UK, September 24th 2014

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