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Every time I hear you cats sing 'Love Letters' I cry! Glenn Frey said that Little River Band is "The best singing band in the world". This was probably the best version of LRB (musically).

- Ray Armstrong, Australia, October 24th 2021

Love you Graeham! Heart and soul of LRB. If you aren't steering the ship it's not LRB.

- N. Wilson, , September 21st 2021

Thanks Graham, just doing a little "reminiscing" how the three of you are (arguably) the best harmonies of 70's music.

- Reynauld Adsett, Brisbane, September 20th 2021

Hey there Graeham... I've been exploring your website and have enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about you as a founding member of Little River Band, one of the most choice gifts of music to any world this side of The Milky Way Galaxy. You are truly both, gifted, and have been a gift to the rest of us who are privileged to share the planet with you. Having been enjoying your music for most of my life now (I'm now 62) I only wish I could give back to you and your LRBandmates a fraction of what your wonderful music has meant to me. All of your classic hits -timeless moving masterpieces of musical artistry - came out in the prime time of my life and saw me through the wonderful memory-making years of a young person's life when we were still single and searching for the love of our life between high school and marriage. Those are the magical years when the music that accompanies us sinks in deep, stirring our emotions to the core of our souls. Such is the effect of YOUR songs on my heart and soul every time I hear them. A most sincere 'Thank You' Graeham Goble.

- Randall Todd, Arkansas, USA, September 3rd 2021

Reminiscing: I met the most beautiful man from New York when I first heard this song! First heard it when he turned on the radio as we travelled through the hills of Austin and just thinking how I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him! One of the best songs ever! So many memories!

- Diane Hinojosa, USA, August 15th 2021

The song 'It's A Long Way There' must surely be one of the greatest songs ever written and recorded. It was written by Graeham Goble and every time I play it, I enjoy listening to it. The song can be about anything you can imagine it to be about, from truck driving, motor racing driving, space travel, or touring in a band and touring the world, or anything else you want it to be about.

- John, Australia, July 23rd 2021

A long time ago in Venezuela when I did not speak English I used to sing this song. Today I speak the language and still singing this wonderful song.

- Enrico Taddei, , May 24th 2021

Dear Graeham, Happy Birthday Sir and congratulations on your great award OAM thoroughly deserved. I can't believe you are 74, you don't look it. Like Glenn Shorrock and Beeb Birtles you are a national treasure. Your music is timeless. Long live the legacy of our Little River Band.

- Anne, Melbourne australia, May 15th 2021

Can the ex little river band do a farewell tour in Australia with everyone inc Rick Formosa, David Briggs, George McArdle, Glenn, Beeb and Mr Goble. I have always loved 'Reminiscing' and everything you have done. 'Lonely Lives' with Beeb... brilliant 'Cool Change', too many. Please try. Love you guys

- Anne, Melbourne australia, April 22nd 2021

Hey Graeham, I'm a long-time fan but actually got into LRB and you following the HBO special with Farnham and am so happy to hear you say, despite the ongoing difficulties with Housden and Nelson, that you still hold the Farnham years of LRB in such high regard. As an American, I'm still blown away that those albums didn't make the band even bigger and you into a household name over here. Thanks for a virtual lifetime of incredible melodies and unforgettable songs. To me you ARE LRB.

- Chris Rayman, USA, April 20th 2021

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