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Dear Graeham, love the band, and your music, met you in Duluth, Minnesota at a radio station, 560 webc. 5 band members were there in August 1979. 'First Under The Wire' was coming out. Glenn was a very nice guy to meet me and my friend. Still a big fan. Thanks, God bless

- Walter Peterson, Tucson, Arizona, USA, February 17th 2019

Firstly just let me say as a massive Little River Band fan how much I loved listening to all your albums from the 70's and 80's. You gave a then young man direction, and purpose through your musical talents. I still listen to these albums today and they still bring as much pleasure as they did back then. To me Little River Band will always be Glenn, Beeb, Ric, David, Derek, Barry and of course yourself, Graeham. It saddens me that the current members have somehow taken all your hard work and are now masquerading as LRB. There will only ever be one Little River Band, and that is with you and the original members. I and many others thank you for your musical brilliance and contribution to the music scene, both here in Australia and Internationally, which resulted in so much enjoyment and will continue to do so for many more years to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Stay well Sir

- Brad Donlan, Queensland, Australia, February 7th 2019

I received the 'STOP' CD yesterday and just finished listening to it. I'm loving every tune on it !! I've also been thoroughly enjoying 'LIFE LOVE SONG' as well since ordering in December. Your songwriting never ceases to blow me away! Multiple thumbs up, sir, on your musical contributions

- Tom Price, Penfield, New York, USA, January 21st 2019

Maestro! Composer of two of the most gorgeous ballades in pop music history, 'Reminiscing' & 'Take It Easy On Me'.

- Robert McLaughlin, , December 21st 2018

Graeham.. Just wanted to let you know what huge fan I am of your writing and music ! I became aware of your music after hearing the first Little River Band album back in the 70's. I have all of the LRB albums and still love listening to this fabulous group ! I've seen the original band many times in the concert in the USA in the 80's. Great memories of those concerts ! I have your Nautilus album which totally blows me away every time I listen to it ! I have just purchased "Life Love Song" which I'm listening to now, and love every tune, and also "Stop" which I'm waiting to be delivered. Love the web page and the great comprehensive content ! Keep up the great work. You're the best !!

- Tom Price, Penfield, NY, USA, December 16th 2018

I thought the Beatles were the best band I ever heard 'til I heard the first song from you guys, it was, 'It's A Long Way There' and I have listened to every one of your songs over and over and it reminds me of the first time I heard you all. You guys are the best, the way you all put your music and voices together is simply amazing. Please tell everyone that was in the band that you guys made my life a little better. I have every tune you guys ever made and you and the other guys should be very proud of yourselves for making the greatest music that any band could ever dream of making. Thank you, thank you. You guys are the BEST

- Shawn Key, USA, November 30th 2018

Hi Graeham, I miss you guys in concert. Please consider making a US appearance. Without Birtles, Shorrock and you, it is NOT Little River Band. You three guys will always be the trio that is the quintessential sound of that wonderful group formerly known as LRB. What fond memories I have of you guys playing sometime in 1978-1979 at Purdue University. I have loved your harmonies and vocals all these decades later. Just wanted to let you know how much your music has touched my very soul.

- Van Chandler, USA, November 25th 2018

One night in Utah I was driving the van along the darkened highway in the middle of nowhere and listening to the radio. A little lonely, a little stoned. Suddenly the DJ stopped a song right in the middle... enough to make me pay attention. He said, "I just got this album as a demo and you just have to hear this right now!" He played the long version of 'It's A Long Way There' by Little River Band. I had never even heard of this group. But I was just blown away. Stopped at a pay phone and asked the Jock to play it again. Asked where I could buy it? He said it was not in the stores yet but he had a few copies. I drove 100+ miles to the station in Salt Lake City at one in the morning and I still have the record. Epiphany.

- Philip Slocum, USA, October 23rd 2018

I live in the north of Spain and it was not possible to get this album "First under the wire" in 1980, so I got it in Barcelona in 1981. When I heard it in my headphones it was a delight. This album made me go deep into Little River Band. I became a fan and bought all your records from 1975 to 1992. Frankly great. My blessings from Spain.

- Jorge Riestra Rodriguez, Spain, September 14th 2018

Hi, Graeham Goble! It`s been 20 years since I discovered LRB, and I've been listening to your music for all these years. This has been a huge influence to my life, and I never seem to get tired of listening to your fantastic songs. I can't really tell you which is my favourite, cause there are so many good songs on your albums. I just wanted to give you this note, letting you know how much your music means to me. Best regards from Norway

- Stig Benjaminsen, Norway, August 28th 2018

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