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Hello Graeham. Hope that all is going well. I am in touch with Tami here in the states pretty often. I am still enjoying your old as well as your more current music. Keep up the good work. Take care and God be with you..........

- Jim Underwood, Wytheville, VA USA, August 24th 2009

Dear Graeham, Thank you very much for "The Days Ahead" & "Let It Rain". They give me much joy and pleasure. Great music, vocals and words.

- Andy Newman, Adelaide, South Australia, August 21st 2009

Hello Graeham, A few years ago I saw the fantastic BSG DVD concert and I think that's one of the best I ever seen and heard. Me and some friends are fans of LRB since many years, we have almost all of your records. I was at your concerts in 1980 in Den Haag and I think 1982? in Utrecht. Are there any plans that you will come to Holland and give a concert with the original members? ''Take it Easy On Me" is one of my favourite numbers (my daughter sings this song almost completely), best regards

- Peter Lookerman, Rotterdam, Holland, August 19th 2009

Dear Graeham, A friend of mine, whose name is Jocelyn, mentioned to me that an old friend of hers, who died 5 years ago, loved the song "Praise", so I looked up the lyrics and saw that you wrote that song. I remembered that some Canadian lady friend of hers had been ill 12 months ago, so I asked about her as well, not knowing that the two were connected. Here is Sister Jocelyn's reply. Your song has given great comfort to these people and I wanted to share that with you. Dear Michael, My friend who died was 77. He didn't have a family, but he had a companion in his later years who cared for him until he died. She is the one who is dying now. Her sister came out from Canada to be with her, and is still here. Thanks for sending the words of "Praise". My friend was especially touched by the words "Resist not when the darkness calls to shine upon your reason", also by "this perfect world" (most people don't see it like that!) and lastly "For every word that was ever said to me" (kindly and unkindly, encouraging and critical, because he used to say that he learned a lot from the words that were said in an unkind or critical way). There's a lot in this song, isn't there? Jocelyn

- Michael Standing, Australia, August 12th 2009

Abosultely love your songwriting, may you find Peace, Love and Happiness in life's adventures, simply a friend / fan located in Richmond Virginia.....Sincerely

- Jason Power, Richmond, Virginia, USA, August 3rd 2009

Hi Graeham, It goes without saying that you are one of the great harmony singers of any era. I watched the "full circle" DVD again today and it was with mixed emotions. I love the songs and the performances were superb but I am angry that some people have the hide to misrepresent themselves as something they are not and do so in such a shameless fashion. There is only one LRB and the other is a sham. Keep singing and playing mate.... you and your musical brothers have given me enormous pleasure and inspired my own playing & singing. Peace and good health

- Paul McGovern, Sydney, Australia, July 18th 2009

Always enjoyed your vocal arrangements, and look forward to your next project for the states

- Doug Henkelman, USA, July 16th 2009

Hi Graham, I have been a LRB fan since 1977 when i use to get in a band bus and play all the clubs in the north east of England and we use to play Diamantina Cocktail all the way on the journey. Later on i played in a covers band in the early 80's and we use to play about 4 or 5 of your songs and spread the word about LRB (got a few more fans on board). I still play and write songs today and i know that LRB have influenced me in such a big way, particularly your songs (classic melodies). Thank you for giving me some great songs to enrich my musical life. All the best

- Colin Mackay, UK, July 16th 2009

Graeham, I just want you to know that to this day, "It's A Long Way There", is at the top of my list of all time favorite songs. A song just doesn't get any more perfect than that. Of course, I'm speaking of the full length version. I first heard the song on a US album rock radio station when LRB's debut came out, so I was introduced to the song as you intended it. Everything about it gets even better with time. From the strings, to the beautiful guitar work, to the incredible truly is one of a kind. As a musician, I must tell you that the ending of the song could not be more perfect! I've always loved how it winds down into those moody final notes. I hope you are proud of that song, because there are not many that are as completely perfect as that. I appreciate your work, as a whole, by the way-- it's just that "It's A Long Way There" is, hands down, one of the best songs I've ever heard. Thank you for it!

- Michael Ivey, Fayetteville, NC USA, July 10th 2009

Just a quick hello, big fan from the early 70's, still enjoy your music today; it's part of my life. thanks

- Jim Dickson, Adelaide, South Australia, June 30th 2009

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