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Just a quick hello, big fan from the early 70's, still enjoy your music today; it's part of my life. thanks

- Jim Dickson, Adelaide, South Australia, June 30th 2009

Dear Graeham, Yesterday the two cd's we ordered "Nautilus" and "The Days Ahead" arrived by post, what a great joy to listen to your music, we follow you from the beginning with the LRB, and every evening we listen now to your music. Thank you so much for all the pleasure we find in your music. We wish you and your family all the best and hope for more good music in the future, thank you again. With love

- Thomas and Janny, Alblasserdam the Netherlands, June 26th 2009

Hello Graeham, Thank you for "Let It Rain". It's just a completely different level. It's been playing for 2 days now. I love it! Kindest Regards

- Guy Ghouse, Mundaring, Western Australia, June 25th 2009

Love the song "Let It Rain". Has an element of the Beatles in the early 70's. The first time I heard LRB was in the resident's quarters at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in 1979. I was an anaesthetic registrar then, just married with a kid on the way. She is now 28 and very definitely an LRB fan. I was so proud of you guys, it was hard to convince the lofty pommy doctors in that Victorian hospital room that Aussies could do it as well, or even better than them, but the music that was played during that documentary proved it without any doubt. I still have all your records. I gave away most of my collection, but not LRB, the Beatles, Mamas and the Papas, Bee Gees. I'll get back to your site and buy the latest album.

- Maurice Paul, Melbourne, Australia, June 24th 2009

Reminiscing, got to be the best Aussie song ever written. Maurice. I have all the LRB albums both in vinyl and cd format. Thanks for great memories

- Maurice Paul, Melbourne, Australia, June 24th 2009

Graeham, I just heard the song "Hey Bulldog" on 3D radio, here in Adelaide. I have searched, but I do not see anywhere that this song is available to download or buy. The Beatles version, with all due respect, is not a patch on yours. Cheers

- Lee Salvemini, Adelaide, South Australia, June 10th 2009

Hi Mr. Goble! Longtime listener, first time writer. I've loved your music since I first started rockin'! One of the first records I ever owned I stole from my big sister because it had "Help Is On Its Way". I've only been lucky enough to have seen the LRB in concert one time, but it was post-Glenn, and it just wasn't what I had hoped (although it rocked! I do love "Night Owls). Then one day recently I discovered "Full Circle" -- wow! That would be a DVD I would love to get my hands on but it's nearly impossible to find here in the states. I keep checking your website to see if you're doing any touring but it doesn't appear so. If you do, my wife and I will be there (she's a huge fan, too!) Thanks for all your wonderful music and poems -- it's terrific. Have a great summer!

- Jeff Howard, USA, June 5th 2009

Graeham, thank you for the quick delivery of "The Silence" CD which arrived today. I have been a fan of yours since I saw the band at the El Mocombo in Toronto back when you first came to North America. A group of us came to see you and became fans after the first song. Will you ever come back to North America so we can here your voice or voices again I know you have a lot of fans here still wanting to hear "the original voices of LRB"? Thanks again for "The Silence" and keep up the terrific work.

- Peter Hodgson, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, June 3rd 2009

Your songs are wonderful. All the best to you and your team.

- Anne Ostendorf, Minden, Germany, May 31st 2009

Graeham, Thanks for getting the "Silence" CD out to me. The quality was much better than expected. The songs were great. The music holds up well against many of the "garage bands" that I have from that era. I am sure there were limitations on your recording process at the time, but the songs came out very well anyway. The vocals and musical prowess of the band members was first rate. I am quite happy with my purchase.

- Tom Olson, New Mexico, USA, May 28th 2009

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