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In 1979 I drove from Durango, Colorado to Denver to hear LRB at Red Rocks. Next to me was my future wife and I can never forget that a thunderstorm was moving out on the planes east of Denver and as the lighting was flashing the band played. I loved and still love, LRB. I was a musician and had been in a couple of bands myself: my point is when I heard them play live, I first thought it was a recording, they were in the pocket. Every instrument, every voice (very complicated harmony), and every song. Thank you for coming to the states Blessing and congratulations, you deserve it.

- Dale Wier, USA, December 3rd 2022

Thank you for these wonderful albums Little River Band ULTIMATE HITS and Little River Band MASTERPIECES. I haven't stopped playing them. I love the sound, selection, and flow of the music. Graeham you were always one of my heroes and I very much appreciate you and your music.

- Jason Jeffries, California, USA, November 27th 2022

The more I learn about this man, the more I admire him. I would put him ABOVE Brian Wilson for just the vocal arrangements themselves. When something sounds so great, you KNOW it's something special. How fortunate we all are that Graeham realised this the first time he, Glenn Shorrock & Beeb Birtles sang together. Some people are blessed with genius talent and they share their gift with the world. Thank God Graeham did so, and that we the listeners got to experience his gift. The man, & LRB are CRIMINALLY overlooked in today's world full of digital generic computer-generated garbage they try to pass off as being music. The fact that LRB isn't already in both the RRHOF & the Vocal Group HOF is an insult to music itself.

- Paul McGrannite, , October 2nd 2022

Love 'Reminiscing'. I remember when it came out in America. I was 17. God danced around your cradle.

- Trey, USA, October 1st 2022

You Tube: It seems from the start of the 70s bands were busting at the seams with raw talent. Everywhere you looked were new bands popping up that seemed better than the last. The true talent was being unleashed with no fake voices that were being enhanced by electronics. Little River Band was no different. Every song was fabulous. In my High School in 1979, Little River Band was voted the number 1 band of the year. It was printed in our yearbooks so we would not forget it. Not that we ever would. I'm 61 now and refuse to grow up. Still ride a Harley, and still listen to rock groups like Zeppelin, AC/DC, Foghat, and so on. But I always find time to sit back to the easier rock of one of the greatest bands of my time. Little River Band. Thank you guys for the great memories.

- Craig Yeargin, USA, July 30th 2022

Writing to you about LRB and how much I loved the band, made me find your current albums (CDs), I listened to all of them, my gosh what a good songwriter you are. All of it was just as good as any LRB song, and Nautilus was my favorite. Surely you were the backbone of this band. God Bless!

- Melissa Voss, Bristol Tn., May 24th 2022

Graeham is the greatest Australian songwriter and composer we have ever had.

- Ric James, , May 7th 2022

'Reminiscing' is one of the masterpiece classics of the Australian songbook. I rate 'It's A Long Way There' even higher. It is a classic, so it cannot be categorised. It is a melange, and myriad of music influences, blues, even swamp, boogie. A timeless masterpiece classic.

- David Thomson, St Kilda penthouse, May 4th 2022

Thank you for writing such exceptional music and lyrics. I have been listening to Little River Band music for a few weeks now and today I really listened to the words of "It's a Long Way There"..."I live for the day when I can hear people saying that they know and they care for everyone." I live for that day too. Thanks again for sharing your music and lyrics with the world. All the best, Andrea

- Andrea Svejda, Maryland/USA, April 4th 2022

Thank you Graeham for writing such beautiful songs.

- 54lex, , December 21st 2021

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