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I was all over LRB even before I got my first radio DJ JBL at 15. LRB had just released Diamantina Cocktail, and I was wearing that record out! The vocals were so tight, and the precision of the rhythm and vocals gave enough room to all the players to spice it up with amazing talent. I never lost my zeal for the core band. They have never been topped by anybody. I love LRB's 70's and early 80's work.

- JJ McCartney, Nebraska, USA, August 13th 2016

I'm ready for a GG tour!

- Olen Goble, Alabama, July 5th 2016

I am 53. I was mesmerised from the moment I heard 'It's A Long Way There'. I bought every album. Each single was more innovative than the one before, and the album tracks spoke with aching honesty of the 'Days On The Road'. I liked LRB better than The Eagles and I adore them. Elton John was number one for me, but I saved my money to buy all LRB albums. I saw LRB in 1980. You were the finest writers of the era. I wish to validate in every way your musicianship and writing. The Adelaide concert with you, Glenn & Beeb was a triumph. The 'Full Circle' performance changed my life. Most sincerely

- Bennett Zimmerman, Los Angeles, July 4th 2016

Graeham, You are an amazing and brilliant songwriter and singer. Your songs are so touching and poignant. I have your Little River Band cd and I love playing it so much that I may wear it out

- Mary Coffey, Australia, June 30th 2016

Hi Graeham I have been a fan of your work and all the proper LRB years since the outset. I just wanted to say thanks for giving me the passion and a working music career here in Ballarat and Melbourne.I have always admired your detail to harmonies and the perfection that doesn't exist anymore. Thanks for every thing you have done. Cheers

- Peter Golla, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, June 18th 2016

I admire greatly what you have done and your website is impressive. Many musicians could learn a lesson in organization and detail looking at your website. I am a musician, not pro, but was never in a band where anyone could handle the vocals aside me. You gotta have at least 3, preferably 4, strong singers for LRB stuff... thanks

- David Welch, USA, June 14th 2016

Thanks Graeham for your great music, my life wouldn't be the same without it.

- Frank Vaessen, The Netherlands, May 23rd 2016

Mr Graeham, I wanted to write a message to thank you for writing some of the best and most influential songs of my generation. I am 46 and grew up on your music. I'm a songwriter and in my attempt to write quality songs and I can always tune in to your music for inspiration.

- Corey Perrillioux, , May 5th 2016

I have been a huge fan of LRB since your very first album and I have all the albums the band released. I still listen to them on a regular basis. I saw the band live only once, at Hammersmith Odeon in around 1978 or 79. Your song "It's A Long Way There" is probably my number one favourite song of all time. Best wishes, and a genuine thank you for the music.

- Anthony Peake, UK, February 16th 2016

Hi Graeham, been listening to your solo cd's quite a bit the last 6 months or so. This is the kind of music that demands repeated listening, the melodies really stay in my head and demand that I go back and listen again. First Time, You Can't Hold Me, When? Why?, I have to keep going back to these, there is so much feeling in these songs. Sometimes it feels like it is my own life story. The Days Ahead is beautiful, brings tears to my eyes. I'd Rather Be With You reminds me a bit of mid-60's Beatles, George Harrison, especially the guitar. And Initiation Suite. First time I heard this I was just blown away. Amazing. Thank you for continuing to share your gift of music with us, I'm a long time fan, going back to LRB, of course, and on through Nautilus, Stop, Broken Voices, just great, great music.

- Ron Fowler, Tacoma, WA, January 31st 2016

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