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I've been a fan from the first time I heard LRB... Been trying to collect all your albums... I listen to them all the time. Thank you for all the great songs you have written.

- Lawrence M Khare, Howard Beach, NY, USA, April 30th 2017

I just love listening to the Real Little River Band. Your songs Graeham are incredible.The harmonies amazing. I love the Birtles Shorrock Goble Full Circle dvd and cd. What a great website you have.

- Jeff Wheeler, Virginia Beach, Virginia USA, April 13th 2017

Hi Graeham, Sending a note to tell you what a great writer you are and thanks for using your gifts. I'm 52 years old and was just listening to 'Reminiscing'. I love the lyrics so I looked them up and I found who wrote it and I looked you up. I always liked LRB hits but never cared back then who the players were. I write as well and songs come to me fast as well when they come. Cool to hear of someone else who that happens to. Have a great day

- Debra Stevens, Sawyer, Michigan, USA, March 18th 2017

Thank you to you and all the original crew of Little River Band! I grew up listening, and loving the wonderful harmonies and catchy songs. I remember waiting for the right time on my cassette boom box to record when one would play on the radio...please forgive the copying, it was a different time. I still listen and adore the songs. Thank you Mr. Graeham!

- Chuck Walker, USA, February 12th 2017

Thank you for sharing your talents with the world. I appreciate the sacrifices of time and family that were required to perform on such a grand stage. I pray that you were rewarded with a wonderful life. God bless you.

- James Steward, , February 4th 2017

Dear Mr. Goble, I'm 49 years old and I was only 11 when your song 'Reminiscing' was released. It had and still has meant more to me than any song I've ever heard! Your song makes me feel like I WANT being in love to feel like! I have met one girl Angie who makes me feel those exact feelings. I wanted you to know, listening to your song & hearing it play in my head instinctively every Friday night continues to give me HOPE that I can one day begin living that song with Angie. Graeham, thank you for giving me this endless lifeline. Thank you for a song that has been a source of hope & inspiration since I was 11 years old.

- Jerry Cosgrove, Ohio, USA, January 15th 2017

Thanks for your music it just makes my life so much better!

- Nancy Damiani, USA, January 6th 2017

Hi Graeham, Just wanted to tell you how much your songs have meant to me over the years and the sound you created with LRB. You wrote the songs and created the sound. I still listen to all the albums and catch as much as I can on YouTube. It's not just that I have followed LRB down through the years, I was into Mississippi, Axiom and the Twilights before that... LRB is BSG

- Phil Gibbs, South Australia, December 23rd 2016

You are truly a treasure! I've always wanted to meet you and throw some musical ideas around. Blessings and Shalom!

- Jeff Miller, , November 1st 2016

While you guys were the LRB, you were exceptional. I've listened to your music since I was a teen beginning high school. Not to be degrading or anything to any of your former lead singers, you, Mr Goble and Beeb Birtles have an angelic blend of voices to produce harmonies that no one will ever touch. I'm hoping that you and he will get together to produce and record more of those amazing works. Thank you!

- Deborah, Rainbow City, AL., USA, October 2nd 2016

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