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Hey Graeham, Like most of your fans I am a middle-aged man still trying to recoup my youth through you and the songs from 'The Little River Band'. From 'Diamantina Cocktail' through Glenn leaving and the amazing return with 'Love is a Bridge' I have lived (and loved them all). Thanks for all the great songs and now associated memories!

- Joe MacLellan, Boston, MA USA, January 1st 2012

Dear Graeham, We wish you from The Netherlands a happy new year and much inspiration for much more good music. We hope that 2012 for you and your family will be a good year. For us, we celebrate new year with your wonderful music. Much love

- Thomas and Janny de Kievit, The Netherlands, January 1st 2012

Hi Graeham, I have always been a fan of LRB and saw you guys in concert in the late 70's in Sydney. Thanks for the wonderful music and for inspiring me by demonstrating that Australian acts can crack the US market, which I am in the very long term process of working towards

- Marc White, USA, December 26th 2011

hehe sorry for my bad english many many thanks for your nice musik. your nice music its like a kind of shamanic music. i dont can explaine in all my life in difficult situations I listen to your nice music until now. The song I like most is 'It's A Long Way There'. Your nice songs, now after your separation from LRB. I saw you on You Tube again. How nice after all these years to see you again. Until now you are my favorite band. Many greetings now from Colombia

- albi, colombia, December 13th 2011

Hi Graeham, Just wanted to say I absolutely love your Birtles Shorrock Goble DVD... I was disappointed you guys didn't come to New Zealand at the time. I am still passionately angry that Stephen Housden managed to rip off the LRB name (I certainly don't understand how) and have made it my mission to inform everyone to avoid the LRB shows in New Zealand next year. As far as I'm concerned you guys remain the real deal All the best

- Dereck Ready, New Zealand, December 9th 2011

Probably said by many already, but it would be great for a lot of people to see the original LRB back together in England. Maybe impossible/too difficult etc etc, but nevertheless what memories and music we all share from LRB. all the very best

- Glenn Hazelhurst, West Yorks, England, December 8th 2011

Hi Graeham Just want to say how much I have enjoyed listening to LRB over the years. I saw LRB in London in the 1970s and Sheffield, Yorkshire round about the same time. I can still remember how great it sounded. I think you had a new lead guitarist join the band at that stage. I remember him playing amazing riffs fills/solos etc. My all time fav LRB track is the original 'It's A Long Way There' album track with the great blend of acoustic picking and electric strumming. It was also the album to me and my wife's 'courting' days and we have now been married 32yrs. Just really great to see you still doing what you obviously love and sharing your undoubted musical gift. Long may you continue. All the best to you

- Glenn Hazelhurst, West Yorks, England, December 2nd 2011

Graeham, best of wishes to you and your family for this holiday season

- Jim Underwood, wytheville, va USA, December 1st 2011

Your album with Beeb Birtles, 'The Last Romance', has a lot of sentimental meaning to my family. God bless you

- Howard Jansz, Narre Warren, Victoria, Australia, November 22nd 2011

All my respect and admiration for a true artist, MR GRAEHAM GOBLE, thanks for share with the world your music, I love the beginning of one of my favorite LRB songs Lonesome Looser with your amazing and powerful voice. BRAVO MR GOBLE, Mexico LOVES YOU

- Angelica Quintero, Mexico City, Mexico, November 16th 2011

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