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Hi, Graeham I love Little River Band, but haven't had the chance to see any concert on dvd. One of my favourite songs is Lady, that you wrote. Thanks for all the great music over the years.

- Luis, Havana, January 6th 2009

Hi Graeham, This is Christian the singer, songwriter and guitarplayer in Germany. You are a very great artist I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year for you your family and Beeb and Glenn. Well I hope you come back with BSG for Concert to Germany, like in times with LRB. You are the DNA of the Band. You are a genie of music. greetings

- Christian W., Germany, December 24th 2008

Mr Goble Thumbs up on the new cd's. "The Days Ahead" as well as "Let It Rain". I love "Someone's Taken Our History". It has a victorious, triumphant almost athem-like sound to it as if to say despite the legal hassles, we know we wrote and recorded the songs and no one will ever take that away from us. Some other tunes of yours I'm very fond of are "Time For Us, Forever Blue and How Many Nights". I also love "Please Don't Ask Me, Stormy Surrender and "D" which I know you co-wrote with Beeb. By the way a workmate of mine came in the office the other day, sat down and said "Little River Band". I turned and ask what about LRB? to which he responded I just heard one of their songs on the radio and I can't get it out of my head. I asked which song and he started singing the hook to "Lady". It must be a blast to know that your songs are being played all over the world at any given time. Well again Mr Goble thanks for the memories and I'll be looking forward to your next project. Best Wishes

- Billy Johnson, USA, November 29th 2008

Hi Graeham, Just stumbled on your site here and I must say really enjoyed it. Nice work! Thanks for posting all those wonderful sound/video clips, there is quite a history there. You are a marvelous writer/musician and looking forward to getting some of your solo stuff. I've been a Little River Band fan for years. Thanks much and again Fabulous site!!

- Joe Lienhard, USA, November 22nd 2008

Hi Graeham. Its a bit weird actually being able to write to someone I've known of for over 30 years. I was and still am influenced by styles of Little River Band, The Eagles, James Taylor etc in my song writing. An early memory I have of seeing LRB was at a concert at Victoria Park (near Sydney Uni) in 1975 (not sure). I also remember sitting in the studio of 2LF Young in 1977 during my 8 to midnight shift and getting into Ric Formosa's lead break in 'It's A Long Way There'. (Still one of my favourite songs). Cheers

- Garry Bignell, Australia, November 11th 2008

Hello from Canada, we are sitting listening to our LP OF Mississippi. Still sounds as good as it did all those years ago. Look forward to getting some of your newer releases now that we found your web site. KEEP ROCKIN' !!

- Al & Lynn O'Brien, Grand Bay-Westfield New Brunswick Canada, November 7th 2008

Graeham, Thanks for all you have done and will do. My wife and I are fans of all the songs, arrangements and vocals that you have done over the years. I was buying LP's of LRB back in the '80's, and have most of them - including cd's. Birtles Shorrock Goble, is our faviorite dvd.

- Dennis & Peggy Wollnik, Kansas City, Missouri USA, October 30th 2008

Dear Graeham, I have since I can remember loved the song Kings Of The World. I have it on a record I purchased at the age of 12, I am now 47. I envy your ability to create music and lyrics that I find soulful and incredibly insightful. I listen to your songs over and over again and my interest in listening and singing them has never waned. What a rare talented man you are. Kindest Regards

- Diane Smith, Australia, September 30th 2008

Hi Graeham, Congratulations with the new album. I loved it! I am a big fan and have all your solo work, including the 'Broken Voices' CD, 'Birtles & Goble - The Last Romance', 'Birtles Shorrock Goble' (CD & DVD) and of course all your work with Little River Band. Keep up the good work, I certainly will recommend 'Let It Rain' to my friends and colleagues. Best regards

- Ketil Berntsen, Norway, September 23rd 2008

First heard your Ch00nZ in a hot 1975. 'Curiosity Killed The Cat' playing over the school PA at lunchtime ( Cannington High) ... Fell in love with that song and it remains my fave although "Lady" gives it a good run !! ( Well...They all do actually) Thanks for enriching my sonic life !! Buying your new album tomorrow (Mon 15th) Regards

- Paul Hovell, Uk. Ex Forrestfield, Western Australia, September 15th 2008

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