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What a great find your website has been. I was in my early teens when I first heard Kings Of The World. My 45rpm single doesn't get played much any more but the file I downloaded from iTunes gets played all the time. (I hope you got my 0.0001c from the download!!!) I will always love the song. As a teen I imagined it being used as a soundtrack to a movie set in an Orwellian world somewhere in the future. Was I close to what you were writing about? Your catalogue of songs is amazing. All the best

- Mick Hodgson, Newcastle, October 30th 2015

Hello Graeham, Extraordinary song-writing over the years, keep writing and all the best. Regards

- Grant Funnell, Dalwood, Northern Rivers NSW, September 18th 2015

Graeham, Wanted to let you know I've been a fan since the late 70's and have every CD and cassette LRB released. My now grown children know the words to most of your songs as that's about all I played with them in the car when they were children! I do want to tell you that I agree with Glenn Shorrock on the BSG DVD 'Face In the Crowd' is also my favourite song of yours! They are all awesome and LRB music is like and old friend to me! Thank you so much for the memories I have with your music

- Britton Knowles, Atlanta, Georgia USA, August 22nd 2015

Mr. Goble, I have long appreciated your work, and put you in a songwriter category with Brian Wilson, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney and Steve Winwood, all terrific in their own style. As a musician in the 70's and 80's, I once considered putting together a cover band of LRB and LRB-like music....but could not find a combination that would do your songs justice. I'll just enjoy the full range of your tremendous contributions. Thank you for your talent, creativity, dedication, and perseverance to put the best music out there, live and recorded

- Hugo Bralts, Sebring, FL USA, July 21st 2015

Yay! Finally found 'I'm Coming Home' here on your website! This song brings back fond memories from when I used to sit with my uncle in front of his stereo playing 45 after 45. Love ya work.

- Scott Purser, Australia, June 11th 2015

Hi, Graeham. You're my far and foremost favourite composer. Love you and your songs.

- Ton Geerts, Maren-Kessel, the Netherlands, June 10th 2015

Hi Graeham, it was great to visit your site after listening online to one my favourite songs of all time, written by you, 'Kings Of The World'. Such a rich intro on the acoustic guitars and bass!

- Alan Lowe, Tasmania, June 4th 2015

A long time DJ of the 70's and into the early 90's, Mr. Goble contributed a great deal to the best group in history. God bless them all. A shame they lost the Little River Band name. Wayne Nelson should be ashamed.

- Darren Heese, USA, May 24th 2015

Talent and class personified! As a musician who traveled the world in the 70's and 80's, your music was always there to inspire me. You showed me how truly beautiful music can be when it comes from the heart...thank you for your gift of music!

- Robert Hale, Atlanta, Georgia, May 5th 2015

Well THIS is exciting !! Was craving John Farnham 'Please Don't Ask Me' today after seeing him on TV this morning. Found it on You Tube, and that led me here ! I had no idea that was another one of your songs. What an adventure your Web Site is going to be! I am going to take a little out every day... like a favourite magazine. Now I am off to play 'Lady'. Delighted to be able to access the REAL Little River Band on demand. P.S. Can you imagine the US LRB ever trying to come HERE to OZ!! pah!

- Mari, Melbourne, Australia, April 3rd 2015

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