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Hi there Mr Graeham Goble, Huge fan of yours. I am in love with your song 'Please Don't Ask Me' and I think it is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. I hope you don't mind knowing that I have performed this song on many occasions. Of late, it has almost become a signature song of my repertoire as many of my repeat audience keep requesting it. The dynamics in the song and the big range in the melody really suit my style of singing. What I was hoping for really is, permission from you that I may record this song and possibly include it in my album

- Darko Zoric, Australia, November 11th 2011

Your music has spanned the globe and connected many hearts and souls. Sail on my friend, for if I never meet you, I will hoist a beer or ale in your honour, for surely we have met in another time, you inspire me

- Richard Pulley, Virginia Beach Va. USA, November 11th 2011

Will there in the future be a new album with the two fantastic girls from Broken Voices? I hope so, come on Graeham, try again with these two girls and thank you for all your good music. I will be glad if you some day will give a concert in Denmark.

- Allan Lyhne, Denmark, November 6th 2011

Graeham, I wrote you a few years back and you were very kind to write me a nice long note back about your song, "It's a Long Way There". I just wanted to write you again to say that song NEVER gets old to my ears. Everytime I come back to it, it's just as wonderful as when I first heard it at 16 years old! Now at 51, it's even better! Congratulations! This song is truly TIMELESS! Hope you are doing well. Cheers

- Michael Ivey, North Carolina, USA, November 2nd 2011

Hello Mr Goble, Thank you for the Little River Band videos on YouTube. Good luck

- Sergey, Russia, October 31st 2011

Mr Goble, Thank you for writing some of the most memorable music ever to hit our airwaves. Kind Regards

- Lysa Cluer, Australia, October 30th 2011

Hi Graeham. Just a quick line to say I am a HUGE 'Little River Band' fan!!!!! I play your music and watch you guys on you-tube almost every day for the simple fact that you guys are real and extraordinarily talented!!!! I can't stand listening to those fake LRB cover band try-hards! There is only one true LRB band and it ain't the one out there mimicking your music today. Everyone knows it! I would love one day to see the real LRB line-up live!!!!! Thank you for those incredible harmonies and songs

- Aaron Jury, New Zealand, October 30th 2011

Mr. G, you are such a class act, your songwriting and awesome vocals have been an inspiration to me since my first attendance to a "Little River Band" show here in the states. It was the late 70's and got to meet you and visit with you in the early 80's, A "Dream Come True"......Words could never express my love for your music

- Darryl Walker, USA, October 22nd 2011

I discovered the songwriter in you through a few songs that I had heard in the Mastering video of T Racks 3. I read about you and found that you do believe that when one sleeps one leaves the body and contacts angels. Wow, I love that aspect about you. I am from India, trying to discover the songwriter in me, expressing myself with music and the latest technology stuff! It was great to hear your voice in that journey and the strat tones in those T Racks instruction video. Thanks for sharing your talent

- Namin, India, October 22nd 2011

Mr Goble, Thanks a lot for exist and share with the world your wonderful music. We love you and hope that you will come to Mexico soon

- Angelica Quintero, Mexico, October 17th 2011

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