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You Tube Post: I've played 'Take It Easy On Me' 103 times this week... WTF! Is this song like crack or is it just me missing a life that flew by in a heart beat... can't stop hitting replay on this song... over and over and over and over again... it's just that amazing...

- Peter Shaw, , August 7th 2017

Graeham, I was born in 1977. I grew up hearing LRB. Reminiscing was one of the first songs that I heard that I liked even as a five year old! Your beautiful lyrics really stand out. Our local radio station still plays LRB. Music this detailed and layered isn't heard much these days! Thank you for sharing such great music with us!

- Shannon Ledford, Memphis, Indiana United States, August 3rd 2017

Graeham, the more I look at your early work with Mississippi and Little River Band, the more I realise how truly your musical instincts and vocal arrangements stood out from even the most skilled vocal combinations in American and British rock. In fact, even The Bee Gees could have learned much from you. I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying these videos from back in my school days. One of these days I would love to interview you and talk about the amazing body of work you have amassed. You sir are a genius.

- JJ McCartney, USA, July 28th 2017

'Reminiscing' was my favourite song the summer it came out, and one of my favourite songs of all time. I was studying one of John Lennon's songs 'Watching The Wheels' and I think he borrowed your approach back to the tonic chord. 'Reminiscing' not only has a unique amazing intro, but the verse doesn't hit the tonic chord for the longest time! Very rare. When it does (in the key of D) it goes Gmaj7, Bb7, D, which is an unusual and very pleasant way to get back to D. Lennon's song has a chorus that stays off the tonic chord for a long time and then approaches the tonic (in the key of C) via F, Fm, C, with the lyrics "I just had to let it go", which is chordally so similar to how you went back to the tonic. I think you may have influenced that part of his song. I live in San Francisco and I talked to this guy who by chance met Lennon on the street in the late 60s here and in that conversation, which touched on songwriting, Lennon said that in songwriting "you steal a little something here, and steal a little something there" with stealing not being a bad thing in this sense. Anyway, I think that your song influenced him when he wrote 'Watching The Wheels'

- Alan Coe, San Francisco, CA, USA, July 17th 2017

I still remember where I heard 'It's A Long Way There' for the very first time. I'd just gotten on the 405 at Wilshire, was gridlocked in traffic waiting to switch to the 10 to drive for a 9 am class at law school and it emanated through the speakers of my 2002 via KLOS. This is a masterpiece. If you're a fan of seventies rock, you'll be stunned by this nearly nine minute cut that lags not a bit, that sets your mind free and makes you feel good all at the same time.

- Bob Lefsetz, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA, June 4th 2017

Your music makes me think and be happy at the same time.

- Bennett Zimmerman, CA, USA, June 3rd 2017

Hello Graeham, I've been a huge fan of LRB since the late 70's. I recently bought the extended Greatest Hits of LRB and discovered 'Face in the Crowd' and fell in love with it right away. I also love 'You're Driving Me Out Of My Mind'. I hope and pray for a real LRB reunion.

- Jana Havens, Menifee, CA, May 28th 2017

I've been a fan from the first time I heard LRB... Been trying to collect all your albums... I listen to them all the time. Thank you for all the great songs you have written.

- Lawrence M Khare, Howard Beach, NY, USA, April 30th 2017

I just love listening to the Real Little River Band. Your songs Graeham are incredible.The harmonies amazing. I love the Birtles Shorrock Goble Full Circle dvd and cd. What a great website you have.

- Jeff Wheeler, Virginia Beach, Virginia USA, April 13th 2017

Hi Graeham, Sending a note to tell you what a great writer you are and thanks for using your gifts. I'm 52 years old and was just listening to 'Reminiscing'. I love the lyrics so I looked them up and I found who wrote it and I looked you up. I always liked LRB hits but never cared back then who the players were. I write as well and songs come to me fast as well when they come. Cool to hear of someone else who that happens to. Have a great day

- Debra Stevens, Sawyer, Michigan, USA, March 18th 2017

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