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A long time ago in Venezuela when I did not speak English I used to sing this song. Today I speak the language and still singing this wonderful song.

- Enrico Taddei, , May 24th 2021

Dear Graeham, Happy Birthday Sir and congratulations on your great award OAM thoroughly deserved. I can't believe you are 74, you don't look it. Like Glenn Shorrock and Beeb Birtles you are a national treasure. Your music is timeless. Long live the legacy of our Little River Band.

- Anne, Melbourne australia, May 15th 2021

Can the ex little river band do a farewell tour in Australia with everyone inc Rick Formosa, David Briggs, George McArdle, Glenn, Beeb and Mr Goble. I have always loved 'Reminiscing' and everything you have done. 'Lonely Lives' with Beeb... brilliant 'Cool Change', too many. Please try. Love you guys

- Anne, Melbourne australia, April 22nd 2021

Hey Graeham, I'm a long-time fan but actually got into LRB and you following the HBO special with Farnham and am so happy to hear you say, despite the ongoing difficulties with Housden and Nelson, that you still hold the Farnham years of LRB in such high regard. As an American, I'm still blown away that those albums didn't make the band even bigger and you into a household name over here. Thanks for a virtual lifetime of incredible melodies and unforgettable songs. To me you ARE LRB.

- Chris Rayman, USA, April 20th 2021

Reminiscing' is a sonic masterpiece... The production, lyrical imagery, musicianship are first class. 'Reminiscing' could possibly be considered as the ultimate FM song of all time. The original Little River Band beat Steely Dan at their own game.

- Daniel Cruz, , March 12th 2021

You have a lot in common with Gerry Rafferty, especially when you compare his LPs 'Life Goes On' and 'Another World' with your solo work. You and Gerry shared the gifts for songwriting and instrumental arrangement... BRILLIANT!!. Also, your songs and his have a lot of feeling and depth, all sung with equal feeling and intensity. WELL DONE, and DON'T STOP!!

- Georgina Grant , California's San Joaquin Valley, December 9th 2020

Reminiscing: Fantastic melody !!!! It has something that makes you fall in love !!!! It is very sensual, romantic, extraordinary !!!!!!

- Maria Hernandez, , November 16th 2020

I was the co-promoter, along with Brass Ring, for your concert in Marquette, Michigan in September 1977. Sold out show, you guys were remarkable. Fan then as well as now.

- Paul, Michigan, November 14th 2020

Omg, 'Reminiscing'... what a song!. Graeham, you are a serious genius son for not just this song but for all the songs you have written. I've listened to 'Reminiscing' probably well over 10,000 times. Forgive me & millions of kids who back then "thought" we knew how to play your music only to realise we didn't. But you, Glenn, Beeb, John, Rick & all the talent who played with you made us feel so invincible that we could play every LRB song. God bless you all & thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you & all the musicians had crafted to make our childhood & adulthood memorable

- John Athanasiou, , October 28th 2020

Graeham Goble was a vocal freak. Love his harmonies on everything Little River Band ever did. His solo work is excellent and totally worth a listen.

- Madlift, , September 15th 2020

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