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'Take It Easy On Me' - To have and to have had are they the same thing? This music answers many questions the more you play it... Nirvana, Heaven, as well residing in all things and every breath or whisper of your intentions and actions. Live and love, never fear loss for thou art with Thee, and celebrate your every thought. Play it again would you Sam... Please... FOR ALL TIMES SAKE.

- William Pride, , June 27th 2020

Hi Graeham, I have written you over the years about the song you wrote that is, without a doubt, one of the BEST songs ever written and recorded... that being 'It's A Long Way There'. Well, as it usually happens, it popped in my head in the middle of the day yesterday, so I loaded the CD into my studio computer, cranked it up and got the same chills I always get whenever I hear it. From the first notes of the strings, to the spine-tingling, dramatic wind-down ending, that song is absolutely perfect! It's been a few years since I've written to you, so I thought I would again. I apologise for the subject matter being the same every time, but I guess that's the price you pay when you write one of the greatest songs in music history! Thank you, again for that, and I hope this finds you and your family well. All the best, Michael

- Michael Ivey, Pinehurst, North Carolina, USA, June 22nd 2020

Graeham Goble set out to compose and record the 14 minute 'Initiation Suite' because he wanted to write a very important piece of music. He accomplished his goal. He also did so with every other track on the 'Let It Rain' album. I remember telling him how many other tracks he had written that were just as important for me. And he smiled, and said, “yes Bennett. I like them too”. I’ve been listening to the 'Let It Rain' album almost nonstop for three years now. And I love playing it for producers and studio engineers because it sounds so fantastic on large and perfect speakers. There is a link to the 14 minute “initiation suite.” The album is mastered by David Briggs, a good friend and professional associate of Graeham. The sound is so perfectly placed, I will testify that at 4:24 into the track I always fall off my sofa as if there is an invisible force included with the album. I contacted Graeham about the album and let him know how important a piece of work it was, for me. And he always said, the album will find its place when the time is right. To say it’s self-reflective and forward-looking, all in one would be an understatement. I remember saying, "Graeham. First off, there are so many hit singles on this album I could count you five of them, some imbedded as movements within 'Initiation Suite'," But I’m quite sure that the track 'Initiation Suite' could begin an entire New Age movement. Living in Los Angeles, that was no casual statement. I remember taking a forbidden picture of the album cover inside the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican. They almost ejected me. I’ve never known Graeham to be a rebel, but I know he took some delight in what I had done. He thought it entirely appropriate that 'Initiation Suite' required a debut at Rome's Vatican. I found the photo. I was listening to the album instead of the headset given to us by the tour guide. It worked very well for me! At a time of change in our lives, this is a perfect soundtrack. Also an essential album for those interested in the work of German philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.! I asked him for background on the album, and he provided a reading list and a wonderful set of graphics that he sees behind a movie one day featuring this soundtrack. 'Initiation Suite' follows the story and order of Goethe’s 'The Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily'.

- Bennett Zimmerman, Los Angeles, CA USA, June 14th 2020

Thanks so much Graeham for Kings Of The World, it's my favorite song by Mississippi, I must have been 14-15 when it came out, miss the days of decent radio. Cheers man.

- David Robertson, Melbourne, June 14th 2020

Wow, 'Initiation Suite' is awesome. I was lost in it and didn’t even realize that 16 minutes had passed. It’s lush, tight and deep (in touch with eternal higher-self, a subject I know well). Accents and punch in all the right places. An aural amusement park with multiple rides. Great lead vocal!

- Paul Backes, San Diego CA USA, June 13th 2020

I will NEVER get tired of your music. THANK YOU!

- Myra Analla LaBorde, Louisiana, USA, June 13th 2020

Hey Graeham, Ok, so I’m a musician in San Diego, California playing bass and singing high harmonies in a few cover bands and one original group. For the past few weeks, your tune 'Reminiscing' has been in my brain which led me to dig in and binge on all your stuff. Dude, you fucking are amazing as a songwriter and arranger. Love your high harmonies, too. Hats off, mug up, cheer, mate. F’ing brilliant. Love you and all you have contributed. Peace my friend.

- Paul Backes, San Diego, CA USA, June 13th 2020

Hi there Graeham, it’s Geoff Mayne, way back in the day I was the guitarist in an Adelaide band Inkase, although we never met personally, we did cross paths quite a few times during our performances on Intime the TV show, you were with Allison Gros at that time and I always remember some of those wonderful songs that you were presenting, I was so impressed by those, especially with the harmonies and not realising that you were the writer at that time, I would just like to say you have an incredible gift that you have been truly blessed with and you certainly deserved the illustrious career that followed, well done and you have brought so much joy into our world with your creativity, and I do recall the fact that you still have so many more wonderful tunes for us to hear and I’m assuming that these I have just heard are some of those, very nice and please keep them coming. Cheers

- Geoff Mayne, Adelaide, South Australia, June 13th 2020

Mr. Goble, I would like to personally thank you for the greatest music to ever come out of the 70's. There will NEVER be another band like LRB. You were in a class all your own. I have everyone of your albums and still listen to them to this day. Just wanted to say thank you!

- Linda Camacho, , April 8th 2020

Hello ! I think it´s time for a new CD from you

- Matthias Stey, Germany, January 13th 2020

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