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You Tube comment on 'Mistress of Mine': Well, this song is just incredible, thank you for enriching our lives with it. I have a terrible voice yet I won a Karaoke contest two years ago singing this. I'm a retired Navy Master Chief who has travelled the world times over and I always think of this song when I meet women who seem to have that beautiful, yet mysterious way about them...

- M.G. Williams, USA, July 15th 2012

Graeham, I read on a post how much you appreciate it when people enjoy your songs, What an understatement. In all seriousness, babies have being born while their Mothers listened to your songs, people have drawn their last breath surrounded by your harmonies and the imagery of your lyrics, girls have become women and boys have become men. You have been blessed with a great talent that you have shared quite literally with millions. What a great gift you have and thank you for so willingly sharing it with us all.

- Stewart Brown, Sydney, Australia, July 6th 2012

Hi Graeham, I was only 13 and learning guitar when I saw your performance at Expo 88 in Brisbane. I taped the show off TV and wore it out watching it. You (LRB) were and still are the reason I played in bands and focused on harmony. This concert is without a doubt the most influential musical experience of my life! Cheers

- Justin Squires, Australia, July 3rd 2012

Hello Graeham, just a note again to reiterate your impact on my life through your music. Thank you. I wish you the best and hope you have a sense of satisfaction for your life's work. Keep up the good fight and I hope you are gratified to know that you have been an inspiration through your music and dedication. Sometimes we don't know the affect we have had on others and I want you to know your life has been meaningful to mine. I continue to receive the benefits of your commitment to your passions. Just thought you should know that. Best regards

- Jeff Skaret, Minnetonka, MN USA, June 29th 2012

Unbelievable vocals on 'Remember Me' Graeham!!! From LRB to 'The Last Romance' to your solo albums and the magnificent BSG (really LRB) DVD, your vocals have always been an inspiration and study guide to my singing career (just a covers bar band, but still...). I must say how floored I was to see you singing low parts on the BSG DVD - you are a master in any range!! Thank-you for all the vocals and unparalleled songs!

- Brian Cohen, Canada, May 30th 2012

Hi Graeham, Just surfing YouTube and came across Mississippi, Kings Of The World. I did not realize you were part of this brilliant and classic music. I had the EP. I think everyone at some time will reminisce about times and the music they were part of. Thanks. MAGIC THEN, MAGIC NOW

- Bob, Australia, May 26th 2012

Hello... I really just wanted to say thanks to you for your talents. I've been a lifelong fan of LRB and your solo albums. I just recently got to see the BSG dvd and I was totally impressed. I've always been impressed with your music, it's perfection. Thank You

- Bill Cooper, , May 21st 2012

Hi Graeham, Truly enjoyed meeting you and the band back in '79 in Potsdam, NY (I was the on-site promoter and the guy driving you around town in the van for 2 days, it was the first major concert SUNY Potsdam ever had. My wife, Eileen, and I worked the SUNY Potsdam concert together back when we were dating... first major concert SUNY Potsdam ever had. Even though I worked many concerts back in college... the memories of this concert and of meeting such a classy group of performers is special. A few memories: - The town fire marshal trying to shut down the show before the first note because he said we had too many folks in the audience .... I told him he'd be responsible for the riot - Offers of "anything" from young ladies for tickets to the sold out show... - Creating an ad and having it aired on "Saturday Night Live" for the show - A close friend from the cross-town college begging me to not put tix on sale until he sold his Peter Frampton concert tix (he knew you guys were going to blow his concert away) - LRB was so hot when you hit town.... I had nuns from a convent in Canada calling me for tickets days before the show. I think I learned more during the 5 months we worked to pull this concert together than the rest of my college career... If you ever do decide to tour again, solo or as a group (if possible) and are anywhere near Bethlehem, PA... I'll be there.

- Keith Huylebroeck, Bethlehem, PA, May 4th 2012

Hi Graeham, Big fan of your music but locked in the 70's (not the worst place to be)! I love 'The Drifter'. Can you tell me how I could get the words and music as I would like to learn it to play for my own amusement. Wishing you well, regards

- Al Hamblin, Australia, April 28th 2012

I have been a musician - vocalist all my life. Throughout the years I've performed, watched performers and sung along, I've never heard anything or anyone as pristine in three part harmony as Birtles Shorrock Goble and of course, Little River Band. Three part harmony is my life! Thus, my love for your vocals, not to mention the great tunes that carried your trademark sound, is an understatement! Whenever one of your tunes comes on in the car, I gotta get off the phone, wait before I get out of the car, or whatever I might be doing, just to take the moment to sing along! That being said, I heard 'It's A Long Way There' on XM Radio today.

- Michael Neely, USA, April 24th 2012

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