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Graeham, I so love and admire your work. Your sense of harmonics is a major inspiration here to say the least. LRB's version of REMINISCING is the "end-all-be-all". The song is a masterpiece from every angle and everyone knows it....PERIOD. Thanks so much for the road you've paved for those of us that follow in your steps

- Michael Sykes, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, September 11th 2013

Hi Graeham! Ever since I bought the first LRB album I have loved your fabulous music. Only last night I watched the BSG concert recorded at the Forum in 2003, and loved it all again. I think I have nearly worn the DVD out! I also came to the live concert at the Casino, I think it was in 2006 or 2007, and I was enthralled to personally meet you all after the show. You signed my poster and it is framed and on the wall. Best of luck for the future!

- Jeff Cox, Melbourne, Australia, August 26th 2013

Dear Graeham, Just wanted to let you know that I was so excited to see that some concerts of LRB were announced, but then realizing that the real ones, Birtles Shorrock Goble don't perform any more. This is really a pity because in my mind you were near to The Beach Boys and The Beatles. When I heard on a summer night your song 'Light of Day' for the first time, I was totally convinced that this song, with its harmonious singing and the phantastic solos, was one of the all time best for me. Today, at the age of 57, it is still the same. Phantastic! Please think of a re-union. Be it just for one concert in Germany. My wife and I will come to this one, definitely. Best regards

- Uli Schepers, Germany, August 25th 2013

Dear Mr. Goble, I'm a fan of the LRB since I saw you performing in Bonn (Germany) in the early 70's as the opening-band for The Hollies. Best and many thanks for the great great music!!!!!! which gave me so much in the worst - but also best days - of my life.

- Werner Becker, Germany, August 22nd 2013

Thanks for the music, Graeham. I've been listening to 'Reminiscing' the past few days, doing a bit of my own reminiscing thinking about the laid back, joyful times of the 70s. This is perhaps the finest song ever written. You and LRB really made a difference in this world. No matter what happens in the future, this beautiful song will always be with us, a testament to your artful musicianship. I consider this song the anthem of the 1970s. Life goes on, however, so I'll be checking into your new solo work. Peace and happiness, mate.

- Bob, North Carolina, USA, August 15th 2013

I'm very proud to say that the first ever concert I attended was an LRB gig - at the mighty Capitol Theatre, Warrnambool. What an absolute treat for a bunch of school friends to see..!! All these years later, I'm watching the Live Exposure DVD and enjoying the songs still. Thanks for the music, Graeham!!

- Scott Stevens, Brisbane, Australia, August 14th 2013

Hello Mr. Goble! Your music & lyrics have always been a major influence in my life. Especially 'The Net' lyrics were so prophetic and ahead of its time! I was listening to the whole record this morning, such a wonderful piece of honest art! You were so right back then even without knowing it! Thanks again for everything...

- Nikos Anastasopoulos, Patras, Greece, August 14th 2013

I am on the verge of getting engaged any day now. My significant other, Veronica is having her birthday August 17th. Your song, No One (Just You) from one of your previous solo LP's is simply outstanding, absolutely love it and I'm toying with unveiling your song to her when I present her with her ring.

- Dylan Jordan, Chicago, Illinois, USA, August 9th 2013

Facebook Post: 'Please Don't Ask Me' is one of the greatest songs ever written by an Aussie... the amazing Graeham Goble, one of my all time favourite songwriters. The best I think we've ever produced in this country

- David Jeffree, Australia, June 9th 2013

Elton John can no longer hit those high notes but you just keep on singing the topmost of those 3-part harmonies without missing a beat (or a note!). Huge respect. Huge fan of yours!

- Cathy C, Western suburbs, Melbourne, June 2nd 2013

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