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Hi Graeham, Congratulations with the new album. I loved it! I am a big fan and have all your solo work, including the 'Broken Voices' CD, 'Birtles & Goble - The Last Romance', 'Birtles Shorrock Goble' (CD & DVD) and of course all your work with Little River Band. Keep up the good work, I certainly will recommend 'Let It Rain' to my friends and colleagues. Best regards

- Ketil Berntsen, Norway, September 23rd 2008

First heard your Ch00nZ in a hot 1975. 'Curiosity Killed The Cat' playing over the school PA at lunchtime ( Cannington High) ... Fell in love with that song and it remains my fave although "Lady" gives it a good run !! ( Well...They all do actually) Thanks for enriching my sonic life !! Buying your new album tomorrow (Mon 15th) Regards

- Paul Hovell, Uk. Ex Forrestfield, Western Australia, September 15th 2008

Hi, THANK YOU for all the awesome videos you have on this site...I particularly enjoy the Farnham Era ones...and the "I'm Coming Home" clips. All the best

- Jason Fabbri, Glenhuntly, Melbourne, September 3rd 2008

Graeham, I hope Housden comes to his senses. I refuse to buy any little housden CD's or go to any of their concerts. If he would just realize that this issue leaves a bad taste in our mouths. I believe the message over the years in the music of you three has been mostly LOVE and a positive meaning. Housden should listen to the songs he covers more closely. That's enough on that subject. I also want you to know that the LRB lineup on Playing To Win and No Reins were superb. I like the hard rock side of that band. Saw you guys at the Sunrise Musical Theater in Sunrise Florida. The show was the best concert I have ever seen ..., and heard . Top notch. I have hung in there with the member changes over the years. Most of them i have loved. Your website is cool ... with the videos and mp3 samples ... wonderful !! I will be buying your new CD. I wish you good luck with it. I very much enjoy the BSG live DVD too. Regards

- Robert Kovacik, Florida USA, August 17th 2008

Dear Graeham, Greetings from Line 6! I was recently watching the YouTube video for "Reminiscing". The "Hurry, don't be late" harmonies at 1:40 are so nicely done. But what blows me away is when they repeat at 3:03.. they rise at the beginning, and drop off at the end of that harmony. MAN! That is so well executed! Hearing these harmonies is just so inspiring! I just wanted to say you truly have a gift. Take care, and thanks for all the wonderful music!

- Adrian Mongeli, Los Angeles, California, USA, August 16th 2008

G, Love your work. Keep it up!

- Hugo, Cuba, August 8th 2008

Hallo Greaham, This is Christian Im Singer, Songwrither and Guitarplayer in Germany/Bavaria, I think I`m one of your greatest fan, you are the best Songwrither and musican I know. Now I see the video you performed the first time with your sons by BSG that`s great they are very good players, no wonder with a Father like you. I think you are one of the best musician in the world. My best wishes for the future for you , BSG, Nathan and Joshua, many succsas for your new CD Let It Rain. Greatings

- Christian Waitl, Germany/Bavaria, August 5th 2008

Graeham, This is the first time I have ever written to anyone regarding music or responded to a website. I am 45 years old and I still consider Little River Band to be the best group of all time. I found myself singing Reminiscing one day and decided to type the song into U-Tube and eventually found your website. I am amazed at the number of songs you have written over the years. When I was younger I said that I would never say this, " the content of most of the music being put out today is &%$&". Thank you for all the great songs and i will buy a few of your CDs. Hope you and your family are doing well. God bless... Best regards,

- Andy Smith, North Carolina, USA, July 17th 2008

Dear Graham! It is very glad, that on your site, now it is possible to see your old and new works! Thanks, for the huge contribution to music! Health and long years of a life!!

- Sergey, Russia, July 15th 2008

Graeham, I love your music clips. Why are all musicians, songwriters, singers, so gorgeous? I am a LRB fan and we all know who they are, certainly not the generic band. They have not changed their show for 20 years. It must be nice that the real LRB has furnished them a living for over 20 years, with no pay to the founders. I have a hard time talking about them as I'm very predigest about that. I have had "full circle" on my dvd for about a year, I never take your CD off my stereo, my daughter thinks I'm stuck but I love where I'm stuck. I do like John Farnham, his voice was meant to sing love songs, I wish I could help some way but I can't, other than calling the radio stations and reguesting more LRB plays. God Bless your wonderful talent. I hope your sons carry on your music. GOD BLESS YOUR MUSIC, KEEP IT COMING. THANKS

- Patti Homan, Twin Falls, Idaho, July 11th 2008

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