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I love the old rock and classic rock. There is one song, that when I hear it, brings back a lot of memories. It's call 'Lady'. Years ago, when I had my first serious relationship, the guy that I was seeing would sing it to me or would call the radio station and have it requested. I want to thank you for that song and the great memories that it has made for me.

- Kirsty, Elizabethtown, Kentucky USA, May 17th 2007

Hey Graeham....good news about the stadium tour with BSG. Thanks as always for your music and friendship. Hope you're enjoying the Bish cd's.

- Billy, Salt Lake City, Utah, May 16th 2007

Hello Graeham I`m an LRB (BSG) fan since 1979. In my opinion, you are the best songwriter in the world. After a long time of waiting I got "The Days Ahead" and now I know what I've missed the last years. Your songs !!!! I hope that a new BSG CD is in the work. And please don't wait 10 years with your next Solo CD.

- Matthias Stey, Germany, May 16th 2007

Thanks Graeham for keeping the dream alive. When I was 15 I discovered Little River Band with "Help Is On It's Way". Little River Band was my favorite group throughout all of my teen years, and their sweet music got me through a lot of tough times. I can understand somehow you losing the rights to the name through legal wranglints. But if you go on the current Little River Band website, they are taking credit for Little River Band's success from 1976 on! I am just blown away that they get up on stage and sing songs like Reminiscing and Cool Change. But to keep it in perspective, I am a fan of the MUSIC, not the band name. Keep on making sweet music both together and solo, and keep the faith. I love your new video on You Tube. It says it all.

- Faith, Chicago, IL, May 14th 2007

I have loved the music of LRB since 1976. Your contribution of course has been huge. I am rapt that BSG is happening, and very sad about the fate of the name LRB. I have seen the video on your site about someone stealing "your" history. What you have done for music, and Australian music should never be forgotten. Relax in knowing that the fans love and appreciate your work, and will continue to support you. LRB be damned!!! They are history.... May the white light surround and protect you always.

- Stephen Luckins, Melbourne AUSTRALIA, May 3rd 2007

my deepest sympathy goes to you on being unable to reform LRB....goble/birtles/shorrock/mcardle/briggs/pellicci....and do an eagles type "hell freezes over" tour....egos will get in the way of good sound musical business.....regards mal s

- mal scott, lakes entrance vic, May 2nd 2007

What an awesome talent ! Thanks for the music.... From a long time fan.......

- Dave Ulbrick, Melbourne, April 25th 2007

'Lady' now with over 3 million plays in america? congrats---one of my favorite songs ever!! sure wish you could get over here to sing again. best wishes

- Maryann, , April 23rd 2007

I have LRB always on my stereo. When my daughter calls she hears the same music always playing, she says Mom you're stuck. She is right I loved the 70's and 80's. I took both my daughters to see LRB 2004, 2005. I'm sorry, I didn"t know it was Wayne Nelson. He has a good voice but he's not Glenn. I asked him, "where's Beeb", he didn't even look up at me and said Australia. I loved all the pictures, thank you for that, I would never have gone to see LRB had I known it was not the original guys. I no way in this world would have thought a Judge would rule in their favor. I resent them now that they have made a life-time career on someone else's history. You really have a wonderful talent. I hope you have passed this talent down to your boys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful music. Keep up the good work. Love all you guys.

- Pat Homan, Twin Falls,Idaho, April 22nd 2007

Hi Graeham, I'm a Little River Band fan for life, but not of the people now using the name that made the band famous. They have a blog on their myspace page where they ask for public comment about LRB/BSG and whenever I place my comments there, they remove most of them. I guess the truth really hurts? How will this saga end? I am interested to see? The real LRB Fans who were there buying all your records in the beginning are still here backing the original guys that created the band. The songs you are still writing still have the original style that made the previous recordings huge hits on the world charts. I live for the day to see my favourite band make it big on the world charts again. I know this can only happen with new compositions by yourself, because that was how LRB founded its success in the beginning. All strong buildings have foundations, but the current band calling itself LRB has none to begin with - only the foundations of Mississippi & BSG which they had no part of. Good Luck

- John, Melbourne, Australia, April 21st 2007

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