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I'm 68 years old and have enjoyed your music a long time. I think you are the best songwriter ever and the high notes you sang on those songs were beautiful. Keep writing those great songs. A fan always

- Danny Collard, Morrisville, North Carolina, May 18th 2013

Mr. Goble, I just wanted to say how I have enjoyed listening to your songs from LRB and how they take me back so quickly like it was yesterday. You, Beeb and Glenn certainly had some incredible chemistry and your level of musicianship will not be surpassed. Thanks for great memories and it would be great to see you and your former bandmates reunite if the opportunity should present itself. God bless.

- Paul Kleban, Milwaukee, WI, April 24th 2013

On the eve of ANZAC day I sit listening to your amazing A Cappella version of 'Waltzing Matilda'. Thanks for being such a huge part of my life's musical journey. LINK:-

- Tony Mikajewski, Adelaide, South Australia, April 24th 2013

"It's A Long Way There" it certainly was back in 1975 when I saw this incredible band called 'Little River Band'. It was at Leicester University and I believe your first venture to the UK. From the moment the band was on stage I knew (being a "muzo" myself) these lads are going places.

- Steve Priestley, UK, April 11th 2013

Mr. Goble, A few weeks ago I attended a concert by what passes itself off as Little River Band. It was an enjoyable evening and, to be fair, a pretty good show. But it was the songs and not the performers that drew me to attend. Thank you for the music, the words and the special piece of yourself that lives within each one. It was not Little River Band. I could only listen with nostalgic ears and imagine how much better it would have been with the true members of the band on the stage. Thank you for all the wonderful memories!

- Steve Atchley, Augusta, Georgia, USA, April 6th 2013

Mr. Goble, Just wanted to tell you it made me happy to see Bob Lefsetz write about your great song 'It's A Long Way There'. I bought the single on iTunes a long time ago and I kept asking them for the extended version. It was just about a week ago when I checked iTunes again and they had it! Both versions remain on my iPod, I like them too much to make a decision, as well as the many other 'Little River Band' tunes I kept stumbling onto while browsing. I'd forgotten how good you guys were. Thanks for the music

- Bobbi, USA, April 5th 2013

Hello Graeham, I was a huge (HUGE) fan of 'Diamantina Cocktail' when it first came out. I saw you open for 'America' at the Concord Pavillion in Concord, California. While LRB was far superior to the other bands on the bill, you were given less volume as well as reduced fidelity during your show (maybe due to the headlining band?)... but, even still, you and your band shone through. I have never forgotten that show. Thank you.

- Matt Wallace, USA, April 4th 2013

Dear Sir, I am amazed by the music and lyrics that you have written and played. I welcome music like this any day. I have a dislike for most, if not all current music. I am especially fond of 'I'm Coming Home'. I know a great song when I hear it. Thank you for making beautiful music because it is artists and composers like you that give many a person the enjoyment and satisfaction of 'easy listening' music. With kind regards

- Dexter Manook, Malaga, Western Australia, March 17th 2013

Hello Graeham, Been a LRB fan since '76. Saw you every time you came to the Portland Oregon area in the 70's and 80's. Just wanted to say thanks for the music. Truly the best!

- Kurt Kunze, Vancouver, WA USA, March 9th 2013

All my respect and admiration for a true artist, MR GRAEHAM GOBLE. Thanks for share with the world your music. I love the beginning of one of my favourite LRB songs "Lonesome Loser", with your amazing and powerful voice. BRAVO MR GOBLE. Mexico LOVES YOU. I ask to my guardian Angel to make my dream come true and maybe someday I will see you in concert.

- Angelica Quintero, Mexico, March 6th 2013

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