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Graeham, I hope 2010 is THE year that You, Beeb & Glenn have your triumphant return to the city where it all started!! God bless you!

- Paul Schwend, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, December 27th 2009

Hi Graeham, Thanks for great music Greetings from Germany

- Juergen, Germany, December 26th 2009

Hi Graeham, My name is Christian, I'm a singer and Songwrither in Germany. You are the best songwrither I know the LRB and now BSG are my favorite Bands. I hope I can see you with Glenn and Beeb everytime in Germany!! You and the Members are great Musician. I wish you and your family and your Band Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!! Do you want to come for concerts to Germany? My best wishis for you greatings

- Christian W., Germany/Bavaria, December 24th 2009

Hi Graeham, Your website is truly an amazing effort and perhaps your tribute to all those musicians who have had the pleasure of playing along side you from those first early days. I particularly like seeing you and Beeb together - there seems to be a soul mate union in your common love of harmony and song. The LRB acapella sound clips on your site are like heavenly voices. All the best, and as its almost Merry Christmas - God Bless

- Jonathan Gibson, Australia, December 17th 2009

Graeham - First off I have to tell you that your music continues to fascinate and inspire me. For nearly 20 years I've been a HUGE fan of your work with Little River Band. I STILL find myself with headphones on listening to the songs which I first heard in my pre-teens that you've done, closing my eyes and TRYING to discern all the harmonies and chord changes. In my opinion they're just down-right GENIUS! Little River Band's music continues to inspire even my children; my son Zach (12) will sit and watch a video of you all on YouTube and occasionally stop it and say "Dad, listen to THAT, isn't that cool?" I say - "That's music son, talent on showcase; timeless and beautiful". Thank you for what you've given us! Cheers!

- Rich Dorton, USA, December 13th 2009

Hi Graeham, Just wanted to let you know that I think your son Nathan is fantastic as part of Michael Paynter's line up. They play so well together and are so 'in tune' with each other when up on stage. You should be very proud as he has obviously inherited his talent from you. I grew up with LRB !! Michael is such a talented musician and I really hope with Nathan and Leigh on drums they all go a long way together with the success they deserve. That much talent can not be ignored or denied. From MP3 fan Helen Hardie

- Helen, Mandurah WA, December 8th 2009

Forever Blue. Still gives me the shivers... in a beautiful way. You know, with all the shallowness of most contemporary music I find myself longing for your stuff more and more often, I enjoy your and LRB's music now ...more than ever before. Hope all is well with you. Take Care

- Mephisto Pheles, Perth, Western Australia, November 24th 2009

Fond memories of attending the beach, in my early youth with my mother and siblings, while the song Reminiscing plays on rotation via the local radio. To this day the song remains in my collection of top 5 and somehow seems to also find its way to the Karaoke at the local pub on special occasions. Thank you Graeham for your contribution to music and lasting memories. Continue the wonderful work

- Aaron Rozens, USA, November 22nd 2009

"It's not a wonder" is the best LRB song period and there are many great ones. I can listen to that lead section over and over again. Thanks for all the great songs.

- James Hale, Beaumont, Texas, November 18th 2009

Thank you for It's A Long Way There. I still play it regularly and love the guitar solo! Brings me a lot of joy.

- Rob, Perth, October 1st 2009

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