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I have always been very impressed with your very high quality music. I have heard over 6,000 albums and your music is still some of the best and my favourite. It saddens me that it is impossible to have your CDs available in every music shop; yes! a collector's dream. I only have 'LRB' and 'Mississippi' and your 4 solo CDs. I hope you get the stardom and attention your music needs in this World. I believe your music is outstanding, never tiring, just top quality. Yes, I would say you are in the top 3 Internationally in the last 40 years. Please let me know of your concerts, I have not seen you for so long Regards Arthur Geitenbeek (Music Lover)

- Arthur Geitenbeek, Australia, October 1st 2010

Hi Graeham, I just received a copy of your "Broken Voices" album. I've always known what a brilliant album it is since I was in Readings records back in '91 and they were playing it while I sifted through the records. I had to ask them what this unbelievably great album was and they told me that it was an album by yourself and others and were selling it as a promotional album out of a cardboard box near the door of the store. I'd always been a vinyl man but this sold me, it was one of the first CD's I had bought. My whole family love it to this day so when I came across your website I knew I had to buy a proper release copy which I will give to my eldest daughter as I know she loves it just as much as I. Thank you for the great music you have given us all. Kind regards, Steve

- Steve & Wendy Mack, Whittlesea, Victoria, Australia, September 30th 2010

Graeham, I am a Big fan of yours and LRB. The real LRB not the band who stole the name from you, Beeb and Glenn. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of the BSG concert on DVD and the CD. Unbelievable, fantastic and I could go on and on. The band you put together was incredible! The DVD and CD were only available here in the U.S. for a very short time. I was also lucky enough to see you, Beeb and Glenn in concert twice in the early 1980s. I was also lucky to see you and Glenn several times after Beeb left the band. My favourite song of yours is 'Face in the Crowd', actually I like all of your music. It's a shame that the three of you and that awesome band you put together for the BSG DVD concert are not able to go on tour here. I've lost all respect for that Steve Housden guy. It amazing to how they stole your DNA, on YouTube; it too is an awesome song! Thank you so much for all the memories! I know it is unlikely, but I do hold out hope for a BSG tour here in the U.S. with that awesome band! In the meantime I have my DVD and your entries on your web sight and a "big Thank You" for that. All the Best

- Brit Knowles, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, September 29th 2010

Mr Goble, I have been desperately trying to track down a copy (CD) of your incredible self-titled 'Mississippi' album. I first heard 'Three Days' in 1991 as a young 19 year old. Can you please point me in the right direction? I am dying to hear this album in it's entirety. Kudos to you on the lifelong achievement that is your career. Cheers!

- Dr Anthony Quitoni, New York, USA, September 25th 2010

Dear Graeham, I bought the first Little River Band album when I was 14 and living in Alaska after hearing 'It's a Long Way There' on my little Panasonic clock radio. We only had one Top 40 station there. When I bought 'Diamantina Cocktail'. it was a year later, I was back in the 'Lower 48' in Pennsylvania. Then 'Sleeper Catcher' was the biggest album yet and I DIDN'T buy it, but bought 'First Under The Wire' the next year. Go figure. So all these years later there were still songs on 'Sleeper Catcher' I had never heard. 'Hard Life' was what sold me. Also, must have 'Initiation Suite' and 'Fragile Heart' is very nice. Thanks!

- Cary Wilson, Raeford, North Carolina, USA, September 24th 2010

Graeham, I love the song 'Kings Of The World'. I've played guitar for sometime now and that song hits the nail on the head when it comes to the music I like to play. Regards

- Michael Shaw, Armidale, New South Wales, Australia, September 9th 2010

Graeham, I was lucky enough to get the DVD of BSG! I still watch it often. You, Beeb and Glenn are unmatched and the band you put together was awesome. I'm still holding out hope that the legal things can be worked out and go on tour here in the U.S. with that awesome band! I know it isn't likely but I can wish! All the Best

- Brit Knowles, Atlanta Georgia U.S.A., September 8th 2010

Graeham, I just want to let you know that the LRB show last night was just average. The instruments sounded pretty close to the original sound. It's too bad they have the have the trademark. You wrote some great songs. I saw your video, "Someone's Taken Our History". It sure nails it. I'm bitter about what is going on with LRB. If you guys (or you) ever get a chance to come to the USA to perform, let me know. I will be there. Thanks again for the good songs even now they have been stolen from you. Regards

- Bob Hodler, Columbus, Indiana, USA, September 6th 2010

Graeham, I have really enjoyed LRB music since you guys started. I am going to see LRB in concert tonight here in my home town. I never knew much about the band until the past couple of days after doing a lot of reading on the internet. After reading about the group and its beginnings, I have mixed feelings about tonight's show. It will be an empty feeling watching a group I have always liked, now without any of the original members. I wish you, Beeb, Glenn, Derek, Rick and Roger were playing tonight. Wow, the memories you must have through the years! You have had an awesome ride. I just wanted to thank you for the great song writing and music that I have enjoyed over the years. Tonight I will be Reminiscing! Aways a fan...

- Bob Hodler, Columbus, Indiana, USA, September 4th 2010

Graeham, 'Kings of the World' is one of my favourite songs. Thanks heaps

- Philip Jones, Australia, July 28th 2010

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