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Hi Graeham, Thank you for the great amount of enjoyment you've given me over the years. Happy belated birthday for yesterday, I hope it was a beauty.

- Dennis Prentice, Sydney, NSW, Australia, May 16th 2010

Graeham, you have not ever met me personally, but I am a HUGE fan of your talent. The songs you wrote are timeless, and I play them OVER and over again.

- Jennifer Grover, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, May 15th 2010

Graeham, Thank you! You are an awesome songwriter and I think I now have all of your stuff, even the early stuff. My favorite work is Broken Voices. the writing and arranging are amazing. I bought 10 CDs and gave them out as gifts (well 7 of them) I can't part with the remaining three. Still after all these years it is my all time favorite

- Randy Murphy, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA, April 19th 2010

Dear Graeham, Your music and songs have been the soundtrack and fabric of my life since I was born. 'Kings Of The World' was one of the first songs I remember hearing. You are the best songwriter/harmony singer Adelaide has ever produced. My fave album of yours is the 'Birtles & Goble' album of which 'Whales' is my fave song, your vocal on that is just simply beautiful and haunting. I have your brilliant 'The Days Ahead' CD and that helped me through troubled times like divorce, etc, so I thank you sincerely for the power of your music that has put a lot of positivity in my life. I saw you play with LRB in 1988 plus BSG in 2003 at Her Majesty's Theatre, which was a great show. Your music is honest, sincere and pure soul. All the best Graeham, I hope life is great for you in Melbourne. Take care mate and thank you

- Nigel, Walters, April 18th 2010

Hi Graeham Congratulations on a fantastic career of doing something you love. Over the years I have conveyed your success as an inspiration to many young people. I tell them that as a young boy playing your guitar sitting on a bag of chaff in Goble's Fodder Store you were told by your Mum..."get a real job" Good health and happiness forever, well done!

- David Smith, South Australia, Australia, April 10th 2010

Sir, Firstly I wanted to say "Thank You" for many years of GREAT music. You are an Australian treasure, I am an ex-patriot fan, and I loved the original Little River Band and the BSG project. I live in Las Vegas and those pretenders come through town every year, and it is KILLING me and a huge number of others. Is there anything that can be done to get some of the original music clips onto a DVD so we can enjoy them. Respectfully,

- Sean Waugh, Las Vegas, USA, April 6th 2010

After seeing and hearing the music clips from the consert in Forum, Melbourne, 2003 I have one thing to say: What a consert! and what a band! Birtles Shorrock Goble are like LRB in the 70-ies. And thank you for "Someones Taken Our History". The lyrics says it all!! Kind Regards

- Per Olav Rustad, Norway, March 24th 2010

Mr Goble, I was listening to "Mistress Of Mine" the other day. I always admired it as an incredible song. I've also become a fan of your son Josh. He's an exceptional songwriter. With so many young songwriters today writing very un-melodic and very uninspiring songs, it's nice to come across someone his age who takes pride in his songwriting. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Take care Sir Best wishes

- Billy Johnson, USA, March 10th 2010

Hello Graeham, I have been a huge fan of your music for many years, and i just want to say my friend, you are a brilliant musician! Thank you for all the years of some awesome music! I have had the pleasure of seeing you in St Louis, 3 times and that was before "Someone's Taken Our History"!!!! I left each show with tears in my eyes, those were the days Sir, and I thank you for them!

- Bob Byington, Missouri, USA, March 3rd 2010

Hello Mr Goble, about 30 years ago I saw you two or three times in Cologne (Germany) with the real LRB, that means without Farnham and I must say, you`re looking better than ever. I liked and still love your music very, very much. Thank you for these wonderful songs. I wish you all the best for the next part of your life. Put the guys together and come to Germany, but it's a long way there ... Keep on rockin

- Benny Badewitz, Cologne, Germany, February 18th 2010

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