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Mr. Goble, I would like to personally thank you for the greatest music to ever come out of the 70's. There will NEVER be another band like LRB. You were in a class all your own. I have everyone of your albums and still listen to them to this day. Just wanted to say thank you!

- Linda Camacho, , April 8th 2020

Hello ! I think it´s time for a new CD from you

- Matthias Stey, Germany, January 13th 2020

Sure miss the Shorrock era lineup, but of all the Farnham era stuff, 'Sleepless Nights' and 'Please Don’t Ask Me' are my two favourites. Got to meet the band in 1980 in Dallas after a show. Sadly the two guys I most wanted to meet Beeb and Graeham had quickly like ninjas headed back to the hotel. Still have my concert program signed by everyone except them. Still sad when I look at it. Still probably my favourite concert from the over 100 I’ve been too, including Pink Floyd, Queen and Zeppelin

- David Wollard, USA, November 12th 2019

Seen you guys back in the late 70's in Green Bay, Wisconsin, I believe that the lineup was Peter Frampton, Head East and then Little River Band. When the show was over, you were my favourite. Your harmony blew me away. Thanks for the tunes and I really wish that you would come to Milwaukee and play at Summerfest late June and into July. I'm sure you've heard of our Festival, it's one of the biggest and best. Thanks Dave and Diane Seymour

- David Seymour, Brookfield Wi., September 13th 2019

Just want to say thank you for years of awesome music. In my opinion 'It's A Long Way There' may be the best rock and roll song ever! Ricks guitar licks, solo's and phrasing are the best. most tasteful guitar vibes ever. Rock on and many many thanks.

- John Forrest, Conway , South Carolina , USA, July 7th 2019

Dear Graeham, Thank you so sir for all your work, particularly in Little River Band and BSG. 'Reminiscing' is one of my all time favourites. Glenn Shorrock sings the best version with Little River Band. All the best to Graeham, Glenn, Beeb, Derek, David Briggs etc

- Anne Robertson, Melbourne Australia , July 5th 2019

Although I loved nearly all your songs, I think I was a bit young to appreciate just how good you 3 guys were. Not many bands could write as many quality songs in a short space of time. Even after the other two had left, you were still there writing top 10 songs. Thanks so much !

- Peter McLeod, brisbane, April 6th 2019

Thank you for so much wonderful music. I saw the original lineup no fewer than seven times through the early years. NO ONE writes like you, Sir! All the best

- Iain McLennon, USA, March 15th 2019

I have so much respect for your work and I have to say...we were very excited to see LRB and we went and saw them this week. BUT...when we went to their concert they were ok - we have all grown up with and love your songs but after looking in to where the current members and original members are now...i am very disappointed as none of the original members are a part of the band any more! Yes Wayne Nelson (the current lead singer) has been with LRB for a long time however, after finding out that you, the creators, song writers and original members lost the LRB name to Wayne Nelson in court, I have no respect and agree it is more of a tribute band than the true LRB. As someone who grew up with your band, loving your sound and your songs, it is disheartening to find this out. I will never go to another concert of the fake LRB again because of this! I wish I had known this and I posted this on the fake LRB Facebook...I feel terrible for Graeham Goble, Glen Shorrock and Beeb Birtles who are the Australian singer songwriters and creators of LRB. They got screwed 🤨😕 - it’s equivalent to a Russian singer who sang with the Eagles taking the band name away and taking credit for the Eagles sound and material! Just not right! I just thought you might like to know that there are a lot of Americans (around age 50) that had no idea this happened and we appreciate your work that made our lives better!!

- Kimberly Gosney, Yelm, Washington USA, February 22nd 2019

Dear Graeham, love the band, and your music, met you in Duluth, Minnesota at a radio station, 560 webc. 5 band members were there in August 1979. 'First Under The Wire' was coming out. Glenn was a very nice guy to meet me and my friend. Still a big fan. Thanks, God bless

- Walter Peterson, Tucson, Arizona, USA, February 17th 2019

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