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Hi Graeham...
The Little River Band was one of the first bands who ever caught my ear when I was listening to a sub-par-sounding clock radio in my bedroom...and I've never forgotten them; I still regularly break out the best-of and spin it.
When I found out you had your very own MySpace page, I immmediately checked it out...and when I heard the first song on there, I was so taken with its lyrical message that I immediately posted about it on a blog site to which I'm a contributor:
Best of luck on the new album; I'm planning to download from iTunes as soon as I work my way through the huge pile of discs I already have to review!!!
Will Harris
Associate Editor

- Will Harris, Chesapeake, VA, September 11th 2006

Hi Graeham, thank you for a fantastic new website, love it! The memories those photos bring back! Yes, I grew up in Adelaide too, saw you in Allison Gros, whilst in the audience at the local T.V. station, filming a pop show. Saw Zoot at the Scene disco, Twilights at the Oxford. Yeah, great memories! You 3 have joined ranks to become one of the most awesome bands ever! Your songwriting is legendary, may your new endeavours thrill audiences anew. Sorry to say, missed your latest gigs, Melbourne is a long way from Perth! Say hi to Beeb for me, Zoot were the reason my friend and I went to Melbourne! They were the best years of my life and obviously we knew talent when we saw it! Looking forward to following your excellent web site.
regards Maureen Squires

- Maureen Squires, Perth, W.A., September 11th 2006

Hi Graeham
Congrats on your great web site. I was at the Twin Towns BSG show on 31 Aug....super. Great to catch up briefly afterwards. Thanks for the many years of absolute genius with your songs, singing and musicianship.
regards Phil

- Phil Gibbs, Ipswich Queensland, September 10th 2006

Hello Graeham,
I've followed you and the Little River Band for just over 30 years now, and now BSG of course. I'm just wondering if you could ever have known what an impact 'It's A Long Way There' would have on people when you wrote it. I was a delivery driver at the time, listening to Radio One here in the UK as they played it for the first stopped me dead in my tracks! From then on I was hooked. Not only am I able to listen to your music but I play keyboard, and I have always taken the opportunity to introduce LRB songs to who ever has asked me to play. 'It's A Long Way There' is always a good 'opener' absolutely superb number and speaking as an (amateur) musician, a joy to play.
As long as you keep writing, recording and selling....we'll all keep buying and listening (and playing!)
Stay safe and well
My Very Best Wishes

- Gerry, , September 8th 2006

Hi Graeham
I just listened to Someone's Taken Our History. How you can write such an awesome song and kick someone in the nutts, all in the same breath, is brilliant.

- Mike, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, September 5th 2006

HEY, EVERYONE! Graeham has a Myspace page!! As of today, it's about 50% complete. Go to Then, GO and buy his new CD!!
All the best

- Tami, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, September 2nd 2006

When are you, Glenn, and Beeb comin to Atlanta? Common, get out of Ausie and come see us on the other side of the pond. It'a a long way there, but after a hot summer, we need a cool change. Check out the Frederick Ampatheater in Peachtree City. Would love to see you guys there.

- Dizzy Dean, , September 2nd 2006

Dear Graeham,
I was taken by my family to the BSG concert at Crown last night (Sat 2 Sept). It was a surprise birthday present, I was absolutely blown away by you guys. I play the BSG DVD over and over, it is awesome. I have followed you all for decades, I grew up with you. Keep up the great work and best of luck with all your new musical ventures.

- Jeff Cox, Hastings, Australia, September 2nd 2006

Graeham...the new cd is incredible. I like it a lot. Thanks for the inspiration for over 30 years. Your songs are nothing less than the best. I like the new website and wish you well with it.

- Billy Brown, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, September 1st 2006

New CD sounds great! I am camped out on my porch awaiting its arrival. If BSG ever tours the States (I HOPE - I HOPE - I HOPE), you guys can stay at my house...
Thanks for all the great music!

- Dan Morice, , August 31st 2006

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