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I have LRB always on my stereo. When my daughter calls she hears the same music always playing, she says Mom you're stuck. She is right I loved the 70's and 80's. I took both my daughters to see LRB 2004, 2005. I'm sorry, I didn"t know it was Wayne Nelson. He has a good voice but he's not Glenn. I asked him, "where's Beeb", he didn't even look up at me and said Australia. I loved all the pictures, thank you for that, I would never have gone to see LRB had I known it was not the original guys. I no way in this world would have thought a Judge would rule in their favor. I resent them now that they have made a life-time career on someone else's history. You really have a wonderful talent. I hope you have passed this talent down to your boys. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful music. Keep up the good work. Love all you guys.

- Pat Homan, Twin Falls,Idaho, April 21st 2007

Hi Graeham,
I'm a Little River Band fan for life, but not of the people now using the name that made the band famous.
They have a blog on their myspace page where they ask for public comment about LRB/BSG and whenever I place my comments there, they remove most of them. I guess the truth really hurts?
How will this saga end? I am interested to see?
The real LRB Fans who were there buying all your records in the beginning are still here backing the original guys that created the band. The songs you are still writing still have the original style that made the previous recordings huge hits on the world charts.
I live for the day to see my favourite band make it big on the world charts again. I know this can only happen with new compositions by yourself, because that was how LRB founded its success in the beginning. All strong buildings have foundations, but the current band calling itself LRB has none to begin with - only the foundations of Mississippi & BSG which they had no part of.
Good Luck

- John, Melbourne, Australia, April 20th 2007

G'day Graeham
I just purchased your CD "The Days Ahead" and it just blew me away.
I just have to say it's the best album I have heard for years.
Your lyrics are great, melodies are great, your choice of musicians was excellent and your harmonies were absolutely fantastic.
I have been a fan of your music since I first heard LRB in the 70's, but this time, I had to let you know how much I have enjoyed listening to your music.
Congratulations and thank you for "The Days Ahead".

- James Henshaw, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, April 15th 2007

Hi Graeham, just listened to "Someone's Taken Our History." I really can't understand how they won the case, if it wasn't for you, Beeb and Glenn, they wouldn't have any songs to sing! As far as I'm concerned, they're just a cover band.

- Maureen, Perth, April 3rd 2007

CONGRATULATIONS on the 3m airplay achievement for "Lady", it is my favorite LRB song of yours!!
Well done

- Tami, Atlanta, March 31st 2007

Just want to thank you for a lot of inspiration that took me through life and to where I am now. Your songs are the ultimate, in my put it ALL together. Thanks so much

- David W. Harville, Broomfield, Colorado, USA, February 18th 2007

You and your partners have been such an inspiration to me down thru the years. The music of LITTLE RIVER BAND (the originals) made such an impact here. In the late 70's I began doing studio work in Nashville and by the mid 80's I was producing on my own. I’ve produced The Oak Ridge Boys, Gaither Vocal Band, Martins, Russ Taff and many, many more and I want you to know that your musical influence is all over every CD that I've ever produced. I've won many awards in this field and I don't say this boastfully for myself but I feel it's important that you know that your musical contribution has been a major blessing to me and many others.
Thank you for constantly raising the bar. I'm thankful that BSG is back at it. I'll be anxious to see you when you tour the US. I'd love the opportunity to meet you at some point but if that doesn't happen just know that you've made a difference and enhanced Gospel Music by just being you.

- Michael Sykes, Nashville, Tennessee USA, February 18th 2007

Just stopping by to let all know that Graeham has a new MySpace page. Please feel free to visit his new page at
The old page will complete the deletion process on or about February 28th due to irreparable technical problems. Getting much positive feedback on the new page already!

- Tami (again), Still a VERY COLD Atlanta, February 16th 2007

Hi, Graeham!
Your #1 Fan here! Stopping by to wish you, Beeb & Glenn a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. It's hard to believe you've been reunited FIVE years this month.
We hope to see you live in America this summer.

- Tami, A VERY cold Atlanta, February 1st 2007

Dear Graeham, congratulations on your great new CD! It's a definite must for all of us! Love "I'd Rather Be With You", it has made me fall in love with my wife again by mere listening to it over and over again :-) thank you! And "Someone�s Taken Our History" has literally brought tears to my eyes... I cannot understand why these guys act this way. I luckily had the chance to see you guys on stage sometime ages ago in Germany and they could never celebrate a show like you! Why not form a new band with Glenn and Beeb and David "LRB Original" or "Litte River Revisited" and show them? That's what we need. There's absolutely NO NEED to "re-arrange" your millenium classic songs... We want the Original and nothing less. Pleasepleaseplease hang on in there! We love ya.

- Chris, Gotha, Germany, January 11th 2007

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