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I've always been a fan of LRB. The first time I heard "It's A Long Way There", the long version, I thought it was the best song I had ever heard, thanks Graham and co. I have been wondering what happened to the original LRB. With Birtles, Shorrock and Goble, those amazing vocals were the heart and soul of the band..... and of course the great writing. I hope to one day see you guys if ever you are in the states close to Arkansas. Meantime..... I am going to try to get hooked up with "Full Circle". Thanks

- Nicky Denton, Blevins, Arizona USA, June 4th 2010

Hi Graeham, Thank you for the great amount of enjoyment you've given me over the years. Happy belated birthday for yesterday, I hope it was a beauty.

- Dennis Prentice, Sydney, NSW, Australia, May 15th 2010

Graeham, you have not ever met me personally, but I am a HUGE fan of your talent. The songs you wrote are timeless, and I play them OVER and over again.

- Jennifer Grover, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, May 14th 2010

Graeham, Thank you! You are an awesome songwriter and I think I now have all of your stuff, even the early stuff. My favorite work is Broken Voices. the writing and arranging are amazing. I bought 10 CDs and gave them out as gifts (well 7 of them) I can't part with the remaining three. Still after all these years it is my all time favorite

- Randy Murphy, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA, April 18th 2010

Dear Graeham, Your music and songs have been the soundtrack and fabric of my life since I was born. 'Kings Of The World' was one of the first songs I remember hearing. You are the best songwriter/harmony singer Adelaide has ever produced. My fave album of yours is the 'Birtles & Goble' album of which 'Whales' is my fave song, your vocal on that is just simply beautiful and haunting. I have your brilliant 'The Days Ahead' CD and that helped me through troubled times like divorce, etc, so I thank you sincerely for the power of your music that has put a lot of positivity in my life. I saw you play with LRB in 1988 plus BSG in 2003 at Her Majesty's Theatre, which was a great show. Your music is honest, sincere and pure soul. All the best Graeham, I hope life is great for you in Melbourne. Take care mate and thank you

- Nigel, Walters, April 17th 2010

Hi Graeham
Congratulations on a fantastic career of doing something you love. Over the years I have conveyed your success as an inspiration to many young people. I tell them that as a young boy playing your guitar sitting on a bag of chaff in Goble's Fodder Store you were told by your Mum..."get a real job"
Good health and happiness forever, well done!

- David Smith, South Australia, Australia, April 9th 2010

Sir, Firstly I wanted to say "Thank You" for many years of GREAT music. You are an Australian treasure, I am an ex-patriot fan, and I loved the original Little River Band and the BSG project. I live in Las Vegas and those pretenders come through town every year, and it is KILLING me and a huge number of others. Is there anything that can be done to get some of the original music clips onto a DVD so we can enjoy them. Respectfully,

- Sean Waugh, Las Vegas, USA, April 5th 2010

- Per Olav Rustad, Norway, March 23rd 2010

Mr Goble, I was listening to "Mistress Of Mine" the other day. I always admired it as an incredible song. I've also become a fan of your son Josh. He's an exceptional songwriter. With so many young songwriters today writing very un-melodic and very uninspiring songs, it's nice to come across someone his age who takes pride in his songwriting. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Take care Sir
Best wishes

- Billy Johnson, USA, March 9th 2010

Hello Graeham, I have been a huge fan of your music for many years, and i just want to say my friend, you are a brilliant musician! Thank you for all the years of some awesome music! I have had the pleasure of seeing you in St Louis, 3 times and that was before "Someone's Taken Our History"!!!! I left each show with tears in my eyes, those were the days Sir, and I thank you for them!

- Bob Byington, Missouri, USA, March 2nd 2010

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