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I followed the link you posted and got your album through iTunes. Very, very nice. Some reminiscent of the old LRB sound and some very new. I have to tell you, I am a huge fan of the old LRB sound - that from the first three albums. Please keep the music coming. I love what you do!!! And yes, I got the BSG album too. Love it!!!

- Annette Wall, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, April 24th 2009

Hello Graeham. My name is Matthew and I live on Prince Edward Island, Canada. I'm 11 years old and I first found out about the band 6 months ago. I'm telling you, you guys were great then and still are. My friend Connor and I love the band. I like to watch lots and lots of music videos on Youtube and we watch 'Lonesome Loser', 'The Night Owls', 'Man On Your Mind', 'Playing To Win', 'Down On The Border', 'Take It Easy On Me' and 'Help Is On Its Way' and others. I know I'm asking a lot but in the next year or so I would really love to meet you, Glenn and Beeb, also Wayne Nelson. One of my favourite videos is The Night Owls on Sound stage in 1981. It would be very wonderful if i can meet you.

- Matthew Sentner, Prince Edward Island, Canada, April 16th 2009

My God....had a listen to the acappella stuff. Geez...this was so good it was frightening. My favourite is 'Remember Me'.... this rivals anything I have EVER heard... Whenever Glenn Frey talks in interviews he always talks about the Eagles "famous" harmony, which of course is VERY good.... even so, it would be a great exercise for him to listen to your a cappella stuff. Farnham:- yes... I have never heard him sound so good as he did with you guys. With his great range and you guys all up there with him, it was just a magic sound. 'Remember Me' is just so outstanding though. It tends to sit there by itself!

- Ray Armstrong, The Philippines, April 11th 2009

To this day, I am in awe of your work with Little River Band. "It's A Long Way"...I've marvelled at the genius of "Diamantina Cocktail" to this day. In my opinion, it's one of the top 5 albums in history. It's $85 now on Amazon... now priced correctly! I just discovered (via Facebook) that there's a Birtles Shorrock Goble CD, which I am thrilled to know. I will be very interested in to keeping up with your lastest work and discovering some new music from you guys. I've enjoyed your magic for at least 1000 hours!

- Kelsey Ness, Fort Worth, Texas, USA, March 28th 2009

I have just listened to "Someone's Taken Our History". This is a songwriting Masterpiece. I rate this and "I'm Coming Home" both better than "Reminiscing", which in itself is brilliant and a major work for sure, but everybody's ears are different. I could feel what you felt when I saw you at Twin Towns and you couldn't use the name LRB, but that made your presence even more significant and diminished "the others". "Someone's Taken Our History" is more biting than Lennon's "How Do You Feel"

- Ray Armstrong, The Philippines, March 16th 2009

You have always been one of my favourite songwriters. I first heard of you in the 70's. I was in Tasmania. I heard this song "Kings of the World". It just blew me away. I have always tried to catch you when I can. I have seen you at Twin Towns with Beeb and Glenn ... just great. I love your work and have always considered you one of the world's most under-estimated songwriters. I wish you well in your perennial search for that unique combination of notes that is called simply "a song".

- Ray Armstrong, The Philippines, March 14th 2009

Graeham, hello....huge fan here from the States. My all time favorite LRB concert was World Expo '88. I have it on a poor quality VHS, any plans to release this on DVD ? Love your music and we miss you up here. Housden's session players don't cut it !!!

- Glenn MacDiarmid, Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA, March 4th 2009

Just wanted to say that I've always been and still am a big LRB fan. I am also a big "harmonies" fan and you along with LRB had the best 3 part harmonies. Nothing exemplified this more than the Backstage Pass album and any other of your live performances. You can't fake good harmonies, especially live. LRB was one of the classiest bands ever. I did hear it said that Frank Sinatra thought "Reminiscing" was one of the best songs ever written. That's quite a compliment. Hope you are doing well and glad I had a chance to write to you.

- Don Kodner, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, USA, March 3rd 2009

Hey Graeham,
Just wanted to give kudos for the site - excellent layout and very user friendly so 'Thanks!'.
As far as Housden goes, what goes around comes around - the people who matter the most to you know who LRB really is and won't support any rip offs.
Loved the clip with your boys - very talented family and it's great to see Nathan playing with another Aussie talent in Michael Paynter too - nice harmonies over his way also.
Just proof that the nut doesn't fall far from the tree you must be very proud.
The new album is epic - thank you so much for continuing to give the world music worth listening to.
Cheers mate

- Jo Sedz, Perth WA, February 28th 2009

Hi Mr Goble,
I have been a big fan of your work for many years now, I'm 23 now but as a young kid, in the very early 90's my dad used to sing me "I'm Coming Home" while i was going to sleep. I loved it. I must commend you for your album "The Days Ahead" as it is a true masterpiece. Thankyou for your music.

- Brent Henshaw, Gold Coast, Australia, February 19th 2009

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