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Facebook Post: I've listened to the new album 'Life Love Song' about 5-6 times now and I love it. I think my favorite song is 'When? Why?' and at least seven of the other tracks are standouts. This is without question my favourite Graeham Goble solo album. Thank you for a terrific album!

- Ray Blackburn, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, October 1st 2014

Dear Mr Goble, Where can I purchase 'The Last Romance'? We were missionaries in Irian Jaya (now Papua), Indonesia, back in the 70s and 80s and one of our 'missionary kids' played 'The Last Romance' for me. I was smitten, especially with 'He Gives Us All His Love' - moved me to tears.

- Lawrence McAllister, Vancouver, BC, Canada, September 30th 2014

Graeham, The parcel arrived a couple of days ago. I'm loving 'Life Love Song'. I think that it's the best of the three albums you've recorded as a solo artist. Strong songs, I think that your vocals have developed. All the best

- David Eade, Yorkshire, UK, September 23rd 2014

'Take It Easy On Me' is an awesome song

- Mark Smith, USA, September 20th 2014

I am 23 years old and there are not many things that are more thrilling to me than listening to and singing in tight, three-part harmony. About a year ago, I was at a bar with friends and 'Lonesome Loser' came on the jukebox there (I had never heard of LRB at that point). I was stopped right in my tracks by the a cappella intro. Mainly though, the high harmony is what captivated me. It joys me so much to find your website and discover that you sang the high harmony in LRB, arranged the harmony vocals, and claim that singing harmony in LRB has been the greatest joy of your musical career. The a cappella clips on your site are awesome too. Thanks!

- Don, Pennsylvania, USA, September 12th 2014

Yesterday evening was my 'Life Love Song' time. I enjoyed your CD like a perfect meal and every song was 'cooked' at the point. Another Diamond in the jewellery. Congratulations. It's a CD, the more you listen to it, the more details you hear. I love the guitar sounds, the lyrics, the overdubbed harmony voices and the arrangements. My favorite on this CD is 'Yearning'. The top shot from your music is 'Initiation Suite' for me. An absolute 'Hammer'. I really hope, you keep on composing and making music. As older the wine, as better it tastes!

- Walter Honegger, Visp, Switzerland, August 28th 2014

Was recently thinking back to my earliest memories of music (born in late 65) & thankfully I opened up my memory of 'Kings of the World'. Congratulations, this song is dreamy and ominous all in one, add to that the 'wah wah' guitar solo blows my mind. I've had that solo stored away in my mind for decades & to hear it again is brilliant. Tonight it came to me that 'Guitar Man' by Bread is a similar song & it has wah wah solo too (though not a patch on yours). Thank you!

- Stephen Deague, Melbourne, Australia, August 13th 2014

G'day Graeham, As an Aussie living in the USA, I am appalled at the site of an LRB cover band currently touring with Wayne Nelson seemingly at the helm. I am a huge fan of the original LRB and always will be. I'm sure that every possible legal avenue has been explored to get back what is rightfully yours. I for one would love to see the original band play again. I won't be seeing the cover band currently touring here. Cheers to you and those harmonies are sadly missed.

- Len Peterson, USA, August 5th 2014

Graeham, I received 'Life Love Song' about a week ago and I had to follow up. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to it already - the headphones are on and I'm playing it right now. Honestly - what a great collection of songs. I have a 'Best of Little River Band & Related' playlist and I added every song from this CD to the playlist. I'm going to get a lot of enjoyment from 'Life Love Song' so thanks for making such an excellent album. The title track 'Life Love Song', 'My Conviction', 'All I Wish For', 'Forgotten Song', 'When? Why?', 'If You Only Knew' (congratulate Nathan) and 'For The Rest Of My Life' would have to be my favorites - in a different era, they are all top 10 material in my opinion. I realize I just named almost every song on the disc, but I really enjoy it - as much as I love 'The Days Ahead'. What a great career you've had and I hope there's still more to come.

- Rick Chiricosta, Avon Lake, Ohio, USA, July 26th 2014

Dear Mr Graeham Goble, I am 18 years old I am an enormous fan of your music & I think you & Little River Band have a phenomenal & distinctive sound. I always enjoy hearing your music on 'Steve Wright In the Afternoon' & 'The Ken Bruce Show' on BBC Radio 2. I adore all your songs because they are timeless & have fantastic lyrics & melodies, you can always sing and dance to them and they always make me happy and relaxed whenever I hear them. You are a fantastic composer.

- Jakeh Bettney, England, July 24th 2014

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