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Review of 'Let It Rain'

by Steve West, Beaverton, Oregon, USA

Wow, another 5 stars. Listening to this (and Graeham Goble’s other albums), it's pretty easy to see who the master-mind behind the LRB harmonies was.

As soon as I started listening, I felt I was transported into a story... 'Whisked' away, I guess. 'Let It Rain' has an almost Alan Parsons-esque kind of feel to it.... starting with 'Almost Here' that rivaled even the best of anything Eric Woolfson has set vocal to. I really like how similar themes and words are woven throughout the fabric of the album. There are also some phenomenal chord progressions and choices of chords... I'll probably be trying to figure many of them out on my guitar over the next several years... HA!

'Initiation Suite'... what a GREAT culmination of the story-like feel (followed by the inspirational 'Let It Rain'). I'm still in the process of studying the words, but what a great profile of a person's life.

Because of that vintage LRB feel, 'The Boy Inside' stands as one of my favorites. My wife tells me I'm still a child at heart... maybe that came out in this song. All in all, another A+, well deserved... and I'm not just saying that. I'm the kind of guy who sits between my stereo speakers to hear all of the nuances a song has to give... there are hours of listening pleasure on this CD.

Review of 'Let It Rain'

by Bill Halliwell, Geilston Bay, Tasmania, Australia

While countless performers from rock’s heydays have declined in, or ceased, their creative work, Australia’s Graeham Goble has proven, with his outstanding new CD release, ‘Let It Rain’, that his muse is very much alive and kicking.

Blessed with an angelic voice, even today; a sublime knack for vocal harmonies and outstanding composing/arranging skills, Graeham Goble is still following his muse. He’s writing, producing and singing his unique style of modern rock, ballads and utterly stunning instrumental works. Such is the strength of his creative power.

‘Let It Rain’ is no mere re-hash of past glories and hits, yet there is, in every track, the same spark of freshness that was his hallmark years ago. This is the work of a progressive, confident composer/entertainer who is totally at-home with his talent and that creative maturity shines through in every track of his ‘Let It Rain’ album.

There are tracks of ‘Let It Rain’ that almost turn back the clock, with rollicking rock ‘n roll vibes and energy, but they are as fresh as, well…, rain. So good you could have sworn you heard them when you, and the world was younger and more pure, but they are a modern manifestation of a talent that has never stood still.

This reviewer knows nothing of Graeham’s personal life, yet repeated exposure to the lyrics, mood and spirit of ‘Let It Rain’ hint to me that Graeham may not have had an easy life. But I don’t know, I could be wrong, however. There’s just something beautifully intangible about some of the tracks that make you want to read between the lines. One can’t help but feel that here is the work of an immensely talented person who’s been around the block several times, collecting a few knocks, and has come through the other side with renewed vigour.

Saving the best for last, in true, show-biz tradition, the last two tracks of ‘Let It Rain’: ‘Initiation Suite’ (Which at 14:35 will, sadly, rarely see the full air-time it deserves.) is a thoroughly outstanding opus worthy of a modern day Vivaldi or Mozart, but in his own, immutable style. This intriguing track is cleverly ‘bridged’ into the last, and title track, with the sound of rain. Then you hear the track, ‘Let It Rain’. Another masterwork. And then, you want to hear it all again. And... that’s about the best wrap I can give any piece of creative work.

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Review of 'The Days Ahead'

by Steve West, Beaverton, Oregon, USA

'The Days Ahead' is rich with harmonies and interesting chord progressions and has some of the tightest harmonies I've heard.

'First Time' almost seemed to have an Imogen Heap 'Hide and Seek' flavour in the harmonies... very cool. I really love 'I'd Rather Be With You'... such a happy tune; and the F# chord makes the whole song. It reminds me of a Stevie Wonder-type melody.

'Fragile Heart'... now that has some cool chord progressions and along with songs like 'The Man Nobody Loved', 'The Days Ahead', etc. make for a kind of sad-ish, reflective album, almost like Dan Fogelberg's 'Exiles', or Amy Grant's 'Behind The Eyes'. Very emotive and thought provoking. The combination of songs really involves both mind and heart.

'Someone's Taken Our History'... also packed with emotion. This is probably my favourite cut, possibly because it sounds the most like vintage LRB; but the message is strong and truly gets the point across.

'Someone's Taken Our History' has some of the most well placed, clever, and well chosen lines: e.g., "We used to be in little river"..., and "They can stand on the stage, but they don't have our DNA"... This line in particular has some of the coolest harmonies I've ever heard. It's the kind of thing you have to listen to over and over again as you ask yourself "Can anyone really do that with vocal harmonies?" Simply stunning! A+. I see that Glenn Shorrock sang on that song. What a neat addition, and so appropriate.

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Review of 'The Days Ahead'

by Anonymous

All long-time fans of the co-founding members of Australia’s first supergroup, Little River Band, will enjoy this first internationally-released solo effort by one of those co-founding members, Graeham Goble. Goble brought to the world such timeless hits as 'Reminiscing', 'It’s A Long Way There' and 'Lady'. This prolific songwriter/musician steps outside those LRB bounds and gives the listener heartfelt, emotive and evocative songs that speak to what just about everyone experiences. Fave tracks are strong guitar-based 'Fragile Heart', 'Somebody Please' and the uplifting 'This Train'. However, this reviewer could not ignore 'Someone’s Taken Our History', the story of how the original LRB co-founding members lost their right to use the very name of the band they founded, honed and made famous. This song not only deserves a listen to by all, but is VERY radio-ready now. A must-have to any CD collection!

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One of the Founders of Little River Band

by jdaussie

A great CD, Graeham was a founding member of Australia’s Little River Band. This is his first “real” solo CD, he has had “solo” cds where he has had others doing the vocals. What a great sounding Album. One good song is 11, Someone’s Taken Our History. It’s the story of identity Theft. The story of the band name Little River Band and how the original members lost the rights to use it. If you like this, check out Birtles Shorrock Goble!