Someone's Taken Our History by Graeham Goble
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Time Lapse Photography


3D Compositor

Focus Puller

Camera Assistant

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Best Boy

Set Designer

Hair & Make-up

Graeham Goble is dressed by


Matt Holcomb

Stewart Brown

Dave Hawkins

Dean Newitt

Trevor Holcomb

Mat Govoni

Peter Gillchrist

Brett Moulton

Michael Seddon

Eddie Barlow

Cameron Oliver

Jared Fish

Grantley Smith

Sil Iannello

Helen Katz

Harrolds, Melbourne


Band Members

Guitar & Lead Vocal

Guitar & Vocal

Bass & Vocal

Drums & Vocal

Guitar & Vocal



Graeham Goble

Joshua Goble

Nathan Goble

Alejandro Vega

Jason Vorherr



Stewart Brown

Trevor Holcomb

Brett Moulton

Gordon Napier

Safa Taghhizadeh

Filmed on location at Sunbury & Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia May 9th & 10th, 2006


See also Director's Statement by Matt Holcomb

Someone's Taken Our History

I have written a song called 'SOMEONE'S TAKEN OUR HISTORY' as a response to being legally prevented from referring openly to my history, as a founding member of Little River Band.

My song is about identity theft. It is a situation that many 60s & 70s groups are experiencing. Their history is being claimed by non-original performers.

There is a widely held misunderstanding that all the original members of Little River Band sold their rights to their trademark in an open negotiation. This is not the case.

The Little River Band name & goodwill was never for sale & no purchase, involving all the original members, ever took place.

In 1995, Steve Housden, a guitarist, who joined LRB in 1981, claimed sole ownership of the Little River Band trademark, as he was the last remaining member of the company that owned the LRB name.

In 2002, discussions were held to put the classic line-up of Little River Band back together and call it The Original Little River Band.

Upon hearing this, Housden commenced legal proceedings and was successful in preventing the original members from being able to openly refer to their rich history in Little River Band.

In 2005, the LRB retrospective DVD 'IT’S A LONG WAY THERE' was pressed & scheduled for release by EMI/Capitol, but was withdrawn, due to threatened legal action. EMI/Capitol were not permitted to use the Little River Band trademark on the cover.

The issue has been through the courts many times so, putting all of the legal matters aside, I took to writing a song to express my feelings on the matter.

Graeham Goble