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Initiation Suite

Graeham Goble
December 27th, 1997 & March, April, May & June 16th, 1998

Everything I want in my life
Must come to me through sacrifice
This idea now lives in my soul
Arises in my heart

No waiting, now wanting
No holding, now giving
No hiding, now living free
Fly over land, fly over sea
Take what you can, nothing to leave
Hatred and love, inside of you and me

Tables turn to show my truth
I’m not the man I was in my youth
Change in me, there is no choice
I have no voice to hear

The air and ground are alive it seems
And I am so scared, this is not a dream
Fire all around, twisted face in the clouds
Darkness, dragging me into the arms of a stranger
Who are you?
You are myself

Four kings, in a hidden place, speak to my soul
Voices are clear, peace at last, thunderstorms pass
I now see, wanting to hear, understanding my fear
The time has come

Truths that I could never know, now show themselves to me
Long ago, I loved her so
And now, once more we meet
Aching heart, kept apart
I see the reason why
In this world of crystal forms, I feel myself alive
Harmonies of sound
Light weaving all around

On the other side of the river
Can’t wait a moment more
Just wanna be set free, let myself go
Other souls are here
Warning me to wait
This time I won’t go back to old ways

Floating now, losing faith
I lost my belief, but it’s okay
Emptied out, surrendering
Let go my desires and the heartache they bring
The time has come
For initiation

Midnight, a procession to the river
In the pale moonlight, I am carried in my sleep
There’s something new about me
Part of me shines bright, part of me is black
If I’m ever gonna live my life, I need to find my own way back
There’s something new that I see

Arrival at the river bank
Starting to cross
Selfless and pure and wise
The scene is seen by the ferryman
He can’t understand
I’ve lost all my earthly desire

Crossing over to a higher realm
To a place where the temple is
Light and colour spreading everywhere
Higher realms
Wait for me
Holding everything

Back in the world of sense perception
My body returns to its mortal sheath
All is still in the hidden temple
I see the kings, I see my own destiny
Accepting all I must do
Now I know

The kings speak
I can talk to my higher self
Whirling mist
Release the ferryman
An old man and his wife are here

Hallowed hour, cosmic midnight
All who are here will see the greatest mystery

The dove appears
I am uplifted
I remember my deepest despair
And how I learned
Complete devotion
Now inside, there is wisdom and strength

Through death, new life
And a path for all
From our lower nature
To our highest call
And the knowledge held
In the mysteries
Can shine in everyone
And make us free

I’m on my way home now
To a place I know
And I stand in silence
Just before I go
It’s been a long road here
Now the path is wide
I will live forever
On the other side

© 2008 Words & Music
'Let It Rain' - Graeham Goble