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With You

Graeham Goble
August, September 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th, 12th, 22nd, 2011, April 2012

With you, I can fly, just with you by my side
The World is adventure and the Sun's twice as bright
My life is a wonder and the spell that I'm under
Takes my cares away, everyday I'm with you

With you, in my life, there's more blue in the sky
And when you're near me, I'm so glad I'm alive
My thoughts are now different and inside, something's shifted
I'm just not the same, any day I'm with you

Now I believe, it's so easy to see
I never thought I could fall
You came along, it was just like a song
Now I'm no longer lonely, my one and only

I must express all of my happiness
I asked you 'The Question' and your answer was "yes"
This love is just like 'The Spring'
It came and changed everything
You show you're mine, everytime I'm with you

Most every night I went out to the lights
And it was you, that I found
Right from the start, you affected my heart
And now it's beating faster, the one I was after

I must confess all of my happiness
When I asked you 'The Question', you couldn't wait to say "yes"
Your love is the breath of Spring and you are my everything
I know you're mine, anytime I'm with you

Our life is a wonder and the spell that we're under
Takes our cares away, everyday I'm with you
With you
Every night, every night
Gotta fly…………………………
Gotta fly, gotta fly, gotta fly with you

© 2012 Words & Music
'With You' - Liam Burrows (2016)
'Reminiscing (A River of Hits) - Original Cast Recording