No One (Just You)

Graeham Goble

No eyes, no smile, no one, but you
One look, one night, one voice got through
Could you maybe feel the same way too?
If you take a chance, I will always be true
The one thing I know, there is no one, just you

No lips, no sigh, no one like you
Your hand, your touch, my life is new
The way that you make me feel inside
I can't pretend, no, I just can't hide
The crowd's all around, but there's no one, just you

Don't really know you
And yet I want you
You're living in my world
So deep inside
You light the path before me
Close my eyes, you see me
Each time we meet, I'm more complete

No other love, in this world, no one else for me
I waited my whole life to be with someone so sweet
When I am with you, I'm so inspired
You make me laugh, and you make me try
In my life, there is no one, just you
Just you

© 2006 Origin Music