The Days Ahead

Graeham Goble

The days ahead
You'll spend without me there
And I won't go to sleep
Without you in my prayer
I hope someday you find the peace that you so need
I will miss you
In the days ahead

In the days ahead
I'll sometimes hear your name
And I won't seem to care
For the person you became
No one will see your photograph beside my bed
You'll be with me
All the nights ahead

So strange to be on my own
Never thought this could happen to me
In a crowd, feeling so alone
This was never meant to be
We both came crashing down

In the days ahead
You'll be far away
And I won't ever call
To ask about your day
And you will never hear the words I keep, just for you
"i will love you, all the days ahead"

© 2006 Origin Music