Graeham Goble

Children are falling
Friends have stopped calling

Too long away
It's time to come back home
You're really needed here
Help dry all the tears
They have fallen for too long

I know it's all the past that hurts
And being here just makes it worse
So you went away
Nothing left to say
Don't wanna try anymore

Another night and I can't sleep
You face is in my head
Your eyes look out through mine
When I speak the words you said

"I need to be with someone new"
"We are not the same anymore"
"Something has gone wrong, we're playing different songs"
"No one is to blame"

Yearning to hold you, like we used to be
Longing to see you, here again with me
Children are falling
Friends have stopped calling

Another day to be alone
Your photograph, now turned away
It's too hard to see you smile
And I cannot speak your name

Too late to talk it over
We let it all just fade away
You're still inside my emotions
And it still hurts every time you say

That you're in love and he's the one you need to hold
But can he hold you when you bleed?
And when you fall apart
Will you want me in your heart?

© 2011 Words & Music
'Life Love Song' - Graeham Goble