Graeham Goble

My heartstrings feel different when you are near
And I can sing much higher when you can hear
All through my life I just knew there'd be
A time and someone
Who would do these things to me

My heartstrings have waited for just this time
To be in tune with someone I know is mine
I love how you smile, when it's just me
And I see, just how great
It can be, when it's meant to be

You changed my life
You shook my world
You are my life
You are my girl
And everyone
Can see it's true
I can't hide it

My heartstrings are learning a different way
To feel, to be, to fall for you more each day and
Sometimes I sigh and I realise
You show me, just how great
Love can be, when it's meant to be

© 2011 Words & Music
'Life Love Song' - Graeham Goble